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  • Biology

    The Master of Science program in Biology includes advanced education in experimental molecular, cellular and organismic biology. more >

  • Special Education

    The Master of Arts in Education option in Special Education is designed to prepare the student for teaching, for supervisory roles in schools, and for... more >

  • Clinical Psychology

    The Clinical Psychology concentration is aimed at training students in the assessment and treatment of mental disorders through individual, family, an... more >

  • History

    The Master of Arts program in History accommodates a wide range of student aspirations, both professional and personal. more >

  • Reading

  • Professional Education

    The Master of Arts in Education option in Professional Education prepares students for roles as classroom teachers, content area specialists or curric... more >

  • Master of Arts in Spanish

    The Masters of Arts in Spanish at U.T. Permian Basin provides broad training to students in three areas: Spanish linguistics; the literatures of Spain... more >

  • Applied Research

    The Applied Research concentration focuses on advanced psychological theory (i.e., developmental, personality, social, etc.), research methods, statis... more >

  • Business Administration

    The objective of the MBA program is to provide the essential professional tools needed by our students to advance in managerial careers. more >

  • Kinesiology

    The Master of Arts degree in Kinesiology accommodates a wide range of student interests and aspirations. more >

  • Professional Accountancy

    To prepare accountants for professional certification examination and professional accounting careers. more >

  • Educational Leadership

    The purpose of the Master of Arts in Education with option in Educational Leadership is to prepare students for positions of leadership in education. more >

  • Education Counseling

    The purpose of the Master of Arts in Education with option in Counseling is primarily directed to the preparation of counselors for service in element... more >

  • English

    The purpose of the Master of Arts program in English are at least five-fold: to train students to work with the materials of literature with scholarly... more >

  • Criminal Justice Administration

    The primary objective of the Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Administration program is to provide advanced education in areas directly relating to... more >

  • Geology

    The graduate program in Geology has several objectives.a. Mastery of the fundamentals in Geology at a professional level.b. more >

  • Master of Public Administration

    The Master of Public Administration with Leadership Emphasis is designed to provide both advances theoretical perspectives and practical training for... more >

  • Early Childhood Education

    Graduates of a Master of Arts in Education option in Early Childhood helps prepare students to design and implement educational programs for the uniqu... more >