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University of Dallas Irving , TX  
  • The politics program attempts to help students bring to contemporary political questions an understanding shaped by the great tradition of political p... more >

  • Program answers to the needs of secondary and community college teachers for advanced study in literature. more >

  • The University of Dallas is recognized as a degree-granting institution by the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy. more >

  • The Master's Program in Humanities offers two Master's degrees and is part of the University of Dallas' attempt to foster general education based on t... more >

  • The graduate painting program offers serious students of painting the opportunity to develop and improve their art in a working environment unique in... more >

  • The graduate program seeks to clarify the foundations of American thought and experience and to understand the challenge to these foundations posed by... more >

  • Computer crime, foreign and corporate espionage, and terrorism have increased demand for Cybersecurity professionals. more >

  • Cash flow is the lifeblood of a business. It travels through every artery of business activity. more >

  • The IRPS offers three programs of study that accommodate a busy work schedule. more >

  • For three-year undergraduate degree holders from countries like India, Nepal, Australia and Canada. more >

  • The twin missions of the Department of Politics are to teach students to examine politics from the comprehensive perspective of political philosophy,... more >

  • In the selection of students preference is given to students who have found a personal image that attempts to find an interaction between content and... more >

  • Intended for those who wish to pursue advanced study in English toward a degree, but who are not especially preparing for a... more >

  • Graduate school offers the mature, self-motivated student an opportunity to make art on a full-time basis. more >

  • The program intends to provide graduate students in philosophy with a solid foundation in the history of western philosophy by focusing on classical t... more >

  • Master of Science (MS) program in Accounting, Finance, Cybersecurity, or Information & Technology Management. more >

  • The philosophy program aims at recovering a knowledge of those principles that ground human life and thought. more >

  • For three-year undergraduate degree holders from countries like India, Nepal, Australia and Canada. more >

  • The University of Dallas offers a complete graduate program in the field of ceramics. The MA and MFA programs offer a great deal of flexibility within... more >

  • Literature study within the Institute focuses on the ways in which poetry provides insight into the nature of all things. more >

  • Our MBA program consists of a 30-credit hour program which can be completed within 15 months. more >