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San Antonio colleges and universities stand tall and proud in a vibrant, bustling city of culture and history. As Texas’ oldest municipality, San Antonio’s devotion to preserving its past and celebrating its present and future are evident in its neighborhoods, world-renowned destinations, and festive events. Read on to learn more about this city that could become your home!

written by Annie Rose Stathes

Living in San Antonio

Many people think of San Antonio as the home not only of great colleges and universities, but as the home of the Alamo. But the city is so much more. This fast-growing Texas city is amongst the largest in the United States and for good reason. Founded in 1718 by the Spanish, the city retains some of its colonial feel and multi-cultural roots while at the same time having all the benefits of a 21st-century metropolis. Today, San Antonio residents and visitors alike enjoy a range of sights and experiences. For entertainment, the city has a vibrant culture and arts scene. Museums for kids and adults focus on local, modern and western art, Texas history, and even the San Antonio fire department. You can take in cowboy culture by going to the San Antonio Stock and Rodeo show, which features 18 days of entertainment geared around life on the range. Theater and music can be found from small neighborhood venues to large theaters and halls.
San Antonio is also a major tourist destination. The colonial architecture, tasty food, and cultural richness of the city draw people from around the world. Once there, tourists can go to amusement parks, do bike tours, golf with the locals, and yes, visit the Alamo. Market Square merchants and artists continue to serve up a wide variety of goods, services, and experiences in one of the largest Mexican-themed markets in the United States. Some visit the Tower of the Americas, a 750 foot tall structure that from the top gives a sweeping view of the city. You can take a trolley or a tour bus to see the city’s sites and neighborhoods without the fuss of driving. Some travel to the city to hold their wedding at places like the Spanish Governors Palace.

San Antonio Facts and Figures

San Antonio sits in the southcentral region of Texas in a blend of urban and rural activity. Green trees, blue skies, and brick and mortar give way to expansive views as the city fades into Texas countryside.

San Antonio Facts

  • With an estimated metropolitan population of 2,454,061, San Antonio is the second most populous city in the state.
  • San Antonio is just 140 miles northwest of the Gulf of Mexico and 150 miles northeast or Laredo, Texas, a city that sits on the border to Mexico.
  • Prior to 1691, modern San Antonio’s land was home to a Coahuiltecan Indian Village.
  • San Antonio’s Fort Sam Houston serves as the headquarters for the U.S. Army Medical Command and the home of the Fifth Army. San Antonio is home to a large military population.
  • San Antonio’s climate is considered semitropical. Average temperature highs range throughout the year between 62 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit, while lows range between 39 and 74 degrees.
  • San Antonio is a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll, and a little bit something uniquely its own.
Fun Fact FIESTAS are the norm in San Antonio! Fiesta San Antonio has grown and thrived for more than 120 years. It honors the Battle of San Jacinto and the Heroes of the Alamo through vibrant festivities. Fresh sizzling fajitas, marching majorettes, an array of live music and colorful decorations, including confetti-filled plastic eggs are just part of the fun.

Neighborhoods and Districts to Visit and Grow Roots

Part of the appeal of San Antonio rests with the range of its neighborhoods and districts and the people who live in them. The downtown area is a popular destination for residents and tourists. To be sure, many come to stand before the Alamo. But downtown has the River Walk, a romantic and picturesque urban park with eateries and shops along miles of the San Antonio River.

Fun Fact

San Antonio Spurs floated down the river to celebrate their five NBA championships. 

DOWNTOWN: Walking downtown can be a real delight. The buildings mix old with new. You can see the blend of cultures from all over the world, from Europe to the Americas to Africa, in the restaurants and shops that dot the area. You can go to the Aztec Theater, a Meso-American influenced theater dating back to 1926 and filled with murals, columns, and a three-ton chandelier. There are breweries and bars and opportunities to hop on a river boat to drift rather than walk. However you move through downtown, you will want to visit the La Villita area which is a National Historic district that brings together art, dining, and shops.

By the Numbers

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, 63.2 percent of San Antonio’s population was of Hispanic or Latino origin that year, a nod to the city’s roots and location.

MIDTOWN: Another popular district is midtown. Home to one of our sponsored schools, Trinity University, this district offers the usual college fair of establishments and entertainment related to college life. But there is also the Japanese Tea Gardens and numerous parks such as the 344 acre Brakenridge Park that was founded in 1899 and hosts a zoo, train ride, sports fields and botanical gardens. The area’s housing is diverse and spans many time periods and architectural genres—consider a walking tour on your next visit to the district.

Immerse yourself in education by pursuing a degree in School Administration, Teacher Education, or School Psychology from Trinity University. Advanced degrees in these areas could help you pursue a career in school counseling or a leadership role in educational administration.

WEST SIDE: The West Side district has deep roots in Tejano culture as can be seen in the commercial and cultural institutions of the district. Fantastic and colorful murals can be found throughout the area—stop into the San Antonio Cultural Arts and ask for a tour. St. Mary’s University and Our Lady of the Lake University provide traditional Catholic education in a liberal arts setting. The Mujeres Artes artist collective or the Cruz Blanca fraternal society building are part of this tradition as well. Annual events such as the Cinco de Mayo Hero’s Gala, Una Noche en La Gloria, and el Diaz y Seis de Septiembre Parade highlight the historical connections to the land and cultures of the district and broader region.

Fun Fact

Former HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros, actress Carol Burnett, and Congressman Henry Gonzalez all came from the Inner West Side district.

The Gears That Make the San Antonio Economy Go ‘Round

San Antonio has a diversified economy focused primarily in the military, government, financial, tourism, health care, and gas and oil sectors and industries. Six Fortune 500 companies call the city home: Valero Energy, Andeavor, USAA, iHeartMedia, NuStar Energy, and CST Brands Inc. Numerous other large corporations have a sizeable presence in San Antonio. South Texas Medical Center, a conglomerate of hospitals, clinics, research facilities, and higher education institutions, sits just 10 miles northwest of downtown San Antonio.i Each element of San Antonio’s economy offers opportunities for students with advanced degrees.

To pursue a career in San Antonio’s health care industry, consider earning a Ph.D. in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry from our sponsored school the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. Or consider pursuing a degree in Marketing Management, Business Administration (MBA), Healthcare Management (MBA), Organizational Studies, International Business, or Accounting from our sponsored school the University of Texas at San Antonio to apply your skills to San Antonio’s expansive business sector.

San Antonio Colleges and Universities: A Jump-Start for Your Search

There are many schools in San Antonio, TX to include in your search. Colleges and universities with urban or rural settings and online, hybrid, or on-campus options, all provide opportunities to learn, stretch, and grow. Whether you’re interested in going to grad school because you’re fascinated with the city or are drawn to one of its schools, we have options for you! Here are some of our sponsored schools to start you on your search:      1. The University of Texas at San Antonio The University of Texas at San Antonio is part of a higher education and research system that spreads across the state of Texas. The school is a four-year, public institution that offers master’s degrees, doctorate degrees, and post-graduate certificates to grad students. Its campus setting is urban, and it offers degrees on-campus, online, or through a hybrid format to just under 30,000 total students. Some popular majors at the school for graduate students include ones in business administration and management, computer and information sciences, education, engineering, the health sciences, and public administration. 2. Trinity University in San Antonio and Online Trinity University is a four-year, private, not-for-profit school in the heart of San Antonio. It has an urban campus setting, but a relatively small population with less than 3,000 total students enrolled. For students who prefer living in the city but want the feel of a small school, it could provide a great option. Some of the school’s most popular majors for students earning master’s degrees include areas of education, health, psychology, and the biomedical/biological sciences. Trinity University offers on-campus, online, and hybrid programs.      3. The University of the Incarnate Word The University of the Incarnate Word is a four-year, private, not-for-profit Judeo-Christian university. It offers master’s degrees, doctorate degrees, and post-graduate certificates to graduate students online and through its San Antonio campus. Nearly 9,000 total students take courses at the University of the Incarnate Word on campus, online, or through hybrid programs. Popular majors for graduate students are in areas of business administration and management, organizational behavior, education, and health. However, it offers graduate program options across disciplines.     4. St. Mary’s University With just under 4,000 total students, St. Mary’s University is a medium-sized school in an urban setting. It’s a four-year, private, not-for-profit school that offers all levels of graduate degrees, mostly on campus. Some of its most common majors for graduate students are in business administration and management, computer and information sciences, engineering, health, law, and international affairs. It is a Catholic, Marianist school that embraces its Catholic upbringing but is open to students of all faiths. 5. Texas A&M University Texas A&M University is a mid-sized higher education and research institution that sits on the rural edge of San Antonio. It offers some master’s degree programs on campus and a wide variety of master’s degree and doctorate degree programs online. It is a four-year, public institution with locations across the state of Texas. Its San Antonio campus serves nearly 5,500 students, while its online programs serve just under 7,000 students. Graduate students at Texas A&M University commonly study business administration and management, education (especially counseling), library science, and social work.

Explore San Antonio Colleges and Universities and Find Your Perfect Program

Now that you have a sense of San Antonio’s vibrant personality and places (and subjects!) to study, we’ll send you on your way. But we won’t send you far. You can continue your search for your perfect San Antonio colleges and universities right here. Below, you’ll find a list of an array of types of programs offered by various schools in San Antonio, TX. You’ll may also find colleges near San Antonio that offer your preferred program and still allow you to live in this great city. If you want to refine your search, you can use our search tool to browse programs by subject or program type, including program level or format. Our page enables you to explore your options and, when you’re ready, contact schools through our on-page form. Our format enables you to compare schools and collect a variety of information to help you make an informed decision.


  • Wake Forest University

  • The University of Arizona Global Campus

  • Western Governors University

  • The Catholic University of America

  • California State University, Northridge

  • University of Western States

  • Texas A&M University

  • Schreiner University

  • Trinity University

  • Incarnate Word College

  • University of Texas Health Science Center At San Antonio

  • University of Texas At San Antonio

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