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West Chester University of Pennsylvania West Chester , PA  
  • This diverse program is designed to enhance students' professional skill sets. more >

  • The history program is designed to increase historical methodologies for the purpose of teaching or pursuing a doctorate degree. more >

  • The Master of Science in Administration (M.S.A. more >

  • The Geology and Astronomy degree program is designed for the professional development of geologists and precollege teachers. more >

  • In addition to the master's program, West Chester University also offers a Certificate in Human Resource Management. more >

  • The M.S. in Nursing (M.S.N.) will offer a choice of instructional focus after completing the eight core component courses in the graduate program: adult-gerontology clinical nurse specialist (CNS) or nursing education. Graduates of the adult-gerontology... more >

  • The Department of Early and Middle Grades provides opportunites for current educators to expand their teaching portfolio. more >

  • This program is designed primarily to strengthen the professional knowledge, skills, and understanding of the graduate student. more >

  • This program emphasizes a cirriculum that enables students to learn the latest scientific techniques for job placement success. more >

  • The Master of Social Work concentrates on direct practice with individuals, families, and communities. more >

  • With more schools mandating Holocaust cirriculum be added in schools, programs such as this are becoming increasingly important. more >

  • West Chester's Counselor Education program is rooted in research-based experiential training to best serve its students. more >

  • The MA in Philosophy provides a solid basis for doctoral studies, or for careers in industry, governmet, and college teaching. more >

  • West Chester's MPH program is designed to give students a diverse backround in the health field. more >

  • The Psychology Department offers three masters degrees to further the professional and academic skill set of its students. more >

  • The graduate MBA program is designed to enhance skills that prepare students for the demands of the global business environment. more >

  • This program prepares reading professionals to be effective literacy specialists in schools across Pennsylvania and beyond. more >

  • West Chester University's Technology & E-Commerce MBA offers an innovative curriculum that focuses on a wide range of technological issues facing busi... more >

  • Our advanced Mathematics programs prepares students for both professional placement and further academic study within the field. more >

  • The MS in Physical Education is designed to enrich academic preparation for various professions related to physical education. more >

  • This program is specifically designed for advanced-level teachers to expand upon the basics of teaching the developing student. more >

  • A high-quality, personalized program so students can customize their studies to enhance their professional future. more >

  • The mission of the School of Music is to create a learning environment that provides the highest order of education in music. more >

  • For adult learners seeking easy access to quality, affordable learning, PMUC is an ideal resource. more >

  • The mission of this program is to prepare teachers to synthesize and apply integrative processes for students with disabilities. more >