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Villanova University Villanova , PA  
  • The Electro-Mechanical Systems Certificate develops a core framework for engineers concerned with the design, implementation... more >

  • Serving primarily the pharmaceutical industry, biochemical engineering is a niche discipline within the biomedical engineering field, which is ranked first on CNN Money’s list of the “Best Jobs in America” (2012). With solid earnings potential, a 10-yea... more >

  • A concentration in Environmental Protection in the Chemical Process Industries, administered by the Department of Chemical ... more >

  • To advance your career in this steadily growing field, earn a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME) from Villanova University. Our program is modern, relevant, balanced and comprehensive; providing foundations in basic theory coupled with c... more >

  • The Urban Water Resources Design Certificate is offered by the Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Program.... more >

  • The Electric Power Systems Certificate supports the training and continuing education needs of the engineers who ... more >

  • The ME Department offers three certificate programs, which provide flexibility for working professionals... more >

  • The Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate covers the major security areas related to our interdependent network of information... more >

  • Cybersecurity addresses the critical need to secure and protect sensitive information... more >

  • The ME Department offers three certificate programs, which provide flexibility for working professionals. ... more >

  • The Computer Architectures Certificate covers the theory, design, implementations, and applications of computer ... more >

  • Villanova University's Master of Science in Chemical Engineering program is intended to supplement the education of full-time practicing chemical engineers. The curriculum is built around a core of chemical engineering fundamentals and is designed to... more >

  • A concentration in Biochemical Engineering, administered by the Chemical Engineering Department, is available to graduate... more >

  • The MSEE can be completed on a full- or part-time basis with graduate courses conveniently offered on weeknights. Most courses are available through the College of Engineering's E-Learning program as well, providing flexibility for working professionals... more >

  • As the earth’s population grows and standards of living rise, engineers are being called to play a leadership role in sustainable development and to find solutions for global challenges such as depletion of resources, environmental pollution and damage... more >

  • This certificate will consist of 5 courses. A minimum of 2 courses must be selected from the core courses. The remaining.... more >

  • Two specialty track options include: -Computing Hardware and Software -Computer Networks/Security Within those tracks, more than 30 available courses include: Advanced Computer Architecture Multimedia Systems Digital Signal Processing Commu... more >

  • The Wireless and Digital Communications Certificate covers the theoretical background and practice of wireless... more >

  • The Intelligent Control Systems Certificate focuses on modern methodologies such as fuzzy logic systems... more >

  • "Employment of environmental engineers is projected to grow 22 percent from 2010 to 2020, faster than the average for all occupations." --U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Specifically, the Bureau notes, “State and local government concerns regardin... more >

  • U.S. News & World Report ranks “Civil Engineer” among the top 10 technology jobs in 2013, and it appears 26th on the list of top jobs overall. With a variety of career paths available and projected employment growth of 19.4% (Bureau of Labor Statistics... more >

  • The College of Engineering offers a certificate program in Nonlinear Dynamics and Control, administered jointly... more >

  • By the proper selection of electives, a degree candidate may train for work as a systems analyst for a management consulting firm, a statistician for a drug corporation, an operations research analyst, a high school teacher, a two-year college teache... more >

  • The Villanova Nursing doctoral program leads to award of the PhD and prepares nurses as forward-thinking teacher-scholars for academic careers in high... more >

  • The Villanova University Master of Science in Finance (MSF) Program is a unique and innovative graduate level program that offers individuals the oppo... more >

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