Whether you choose to study in Philly because of the schools that make their homes here, the industry you’re interested in pursuing, or because you just plain love living here, there’s no question you could find what you’re looking for in the City of Brotherly Love.

Why Earn A Graduate Degree in Philadelphia?

Choosing your graduate school is a great opportunity, and not just in an academic sense. For one, it’s your chance to see what it’s like to live and work in an exciting new city! Philadelphia in particular could be a great choice in this regard, whether you’re a relative local or a long plane-ride away. And it’s easy to see why. From Philadelphia’s unique position in the nation’s history, to its vibrant arts and culture scene, to the wealth of international dining options, and even the convenient travel options, it’s clear the city has a ton to offer—more than you could take in on a short visit. Start your search by browsing some popular programs from our partner schools in Philly.

Immerse Yourself in History in Colleges in Philadelphia

Whether you’re a student of history or just really like singing along to 1776, you’re probably at least tangentially aware of the important role Philadelphia played during and after the American Revolution. Founded in 1682 by William Penn, Philadelphia was the home of both the First and Second Continental Congress, and the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution. The region was also the site to several key battles, including Valley Forge and the Battle of Brandywine, both of which you can still visit today (Bonus: the Brandywine Valley is also known for its wineries!). Much of this history is preserved in the city’s many libraries, museums, and national parks and historic sites—all of which could be a boon if that’s your area of research.

Experience the Arts at Schools in Philadelphia

The city’s contributions to society didn’t just stop in the eighteenth century. In fact, Philly still makes waves today, especially when it comes to creative achievement. Case in point: the volume of arts schools you’ll find here. This includes such names as The University of the Arts (or UArts), Tyler, Moore College of Art and Design, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and more. Philly is even home to the Curtis Institute, a famously competitive music conservatory—which is even more selective than Harvard. Even if you’re not studying the arts yourself, you could still be enriched by them. Philadelphia has a robust offering of art museums, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Rodin Museum, and the Barnes Foundation. But that’s just the start. Philly residents also enjoy many temporary and permanent art installations around the city, like the Magic Gardens and the Mural Arts program. Prefer performing art? Take in not only the Philadelphia Orchestra and Pennsylvania Ballet, but also a vibrant theatre scene. (Broadway is only a 90-minute train ride north, too!)

Explore the Sciences in Philadelphia

Prefer using the other side of your brain? Philadelphia might be a haven for the artistically minded, but it also has plenty to offer the scientifically-minded. The Greater Philadelphia Area is home to several locally and nationally ranked hospitals and healthcare systems, some of which are affiliated with university medical schools. A few examples you may have heard of include the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Hahnemann University Hospital, and Temple University Hospital. A number of biotech and pharmaceutical companies also have significant presences here. For the hobbyist, Philly’s thriving museum scene won’t leave even amateur science geeks hanging. In addition to the well-known Franklin Institute, consider exploring places like the Mütter Museum of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, the Penn Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, and the Academy of Natural Sciences!

Seize Your Opportunities, Philadelphia

Want to study in a city that could afford you the professional experience you need to make the most of your graduate education? If so, Philadelphia could be a solid choice. Philadelphia’s local economy is made up of higher education, manufacturing, food processing, telecommunications, financial services, tourism, healthcare and biotechnology, oil refining, and tourism. Twelve Fortune 500 Companies have their headquarters in the area, with even more having satellite offices in the area. And if you don’t quite find your dream job here, Philly is also in a prime location to facilitate travel throughout the northeast. Located along the Northeast Corridor, it’s only a few hours drive to get to either New York City or Washington DC, with easy bus or train access to a number of places farther afield. Whatever your area of study, whether you’re looking for an internship or employment while you study, or opportunities once you graduate, Philadelphia could be a great place to start your search.

Get a Taste of the Philly Food Scene

Whether you’re studying culinary arts or not, it’s practically a given that an exciting culinary scene is a serious advantage. What locals already know is that we’ve had that for years, right here in Philadelphia! The food scene in Philly has been growing over the years, and the world has started to take notice. Philly might be famous for cheesesteaks—and for good reason—but you’ll also find a thriving restaurant culture, with tons of options for international cuisine, unique BYOBs, and even craft brewing. And that’s not limited to the city itself. If you venture out into the suburbs along the Main Line—or if you end up studying at one of the many schools there—you’ll find even more options. So whether you’re looking to get professional experience to back up your culinary degree, or just want to fuel your studies with something delicious, Philly’s got you covered.

Let Philly Be Your Travel Hub

While there’s more than enough to keep you busy in the Philadelphia area, another great advantage to calling the city home is the ease of travel to other places! Philly occupies a key location, right between New York and DC, along the Northeast Corridor. In other words, two major cities are only a couple hours’ drive away, with additional destinations easily reachable by train. Philadelphia residents also have access to an international airport and bus service on top of that. What does that mean for you? It means weekend excursions are within the realm of possibility if you get bit by the travel bug. It means traveling to New York or DC for interviews or research trips to support your dissertation could be that much easier. And it means if you have friends or family in any of those places, it might take a little stress out of planning your visits.

Where You’d Spend Your Time: Philadelphia Locales

Philly offers a unique blend of local neighborhood and larger scale metropolitan experience. That means whatever your preferred lifestyle, you could probably find a place where you feel like you really fit. Philly is made up of smaller neighborhoods, each with unique characteristics and personality. In fact, there are too many to list comfortably here. Philly has a staggering 41 different zip codes, which don’t always align to the neighborhoods as the locals know them. Here are just a few examples to give you a taste of what you might find.

  • Center City: This area is what other cities would call “Downtown.” In addition to being a hub of business, Center City is home to several vibrant neighborhoods including Washington Square West, the Gayborhood, and Chinatown. Center City is also where you’ll find the aptly-named Avenue of the Arts.
  • South Philly: Geographically, it’s pretty obvious what part of the city this is. South Philly is a large and highly residential area. It’s known for its Irish and Italian heritage, not to mention the up and coming restaurant scene in East Passyunk. South Philly is also home to four of Philly’s major sports teams. And you’ve probably already seen it featured in the movie Rocky.
  • Old City: Drawn to Philly because of its history? If that’s the case, Old City might be the place for you. This historic neighborhood is where you’ll find sites like Carpenter’s Hall, Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and even the National Constitution Center. But that’s not all—there’s also substantial arts, culinary, and entertainment options.
  • Rittenhouse Square: Named for one of Philadelphia’s many public parks, Rittenhouse Square is a wealthy neighborhood in Center City. In addition to the park and residential area, Rittenhouse Square is known for its arts, restaurants, and public events. And, like South Philly, you’ve probably also seen it on the silver screen. Much of The Sixth Sense was filmed here! (M. Night Shyamalan grew up in Penn Valley, a suburb of Philadelphia.)
  • University City: Living the student life? If so, you’re likely to find yourself here at some point. Located on the eastern end of West Philadelphia, University City lives up to its name. It’s home to not one but eight different universities, including Penn and Drexel, not to mention a couple nationally-recognized university hospitals. If you’re a music buff, you might already know University City as the home of the nationally syndicated NPR program, World Café.

What You Could Study at Graduate Schools in Philadelphia

With the amount of colleges near Philadelphia, whatever you want to study, you’re almost certain to find potential programs here. That said, here are a few examples of the types of things graduate programs in Philadelphia offer.

Biomedical Engineering Programs in Philadelphia

It may seem surprising, but Philly could be a solid option if you’re looking for biomedical engineering graduate programs. For one, if you need internship or professional experience, there’s a robust industry presence, ranging from healthcare, to pharmaceuticals, to biotechnology. But career options are far from the only reason to choose Philly to study biomedical engineering. In fact, they’re arguably not even the main reason. Several widely recognized universities in the Philadelphia area offer biomedical engineering graduate programs, at the masters and even doctoral level. Here are just a few examples from our sponsored program listings:

  • Villanova University Biochemical Engineering Graduate Programs
  • Widener University Biomedical Engineering Graduate Programs
  • Temple University Graduate Programs: Bioengineering MS
  • Drexel University MS in Biomedical Engineering

Graduate programs like these build on prior mathematics, scientific and medical knowledge, honing creative and technical skills to advance the healthcare industry. In addition to academic study and research, you might pursue opportunities for guided hands-on experience

Study the Arts in Philadelphia

With all the performance venues, art museums, and public art initiatives in the city, is it any surprise the robust fine arts graduate program offerings you may find here? Whatever your creative passion, Philly is here to help you nurture it. Interested in creating physical art, through painting, drawing, or sculpture? If so, you’re in luck. A number of reputable art schools make their homes in Philadelphia. For example, you could earn your MFA in Sculpture, Painting, Photography, and more through the Tyler School of Art at Temple University. Or study Studio Art at PAFA. (Also be sure to look for Robert Indiana’s famous LOVE sculpture in John F. Kennedy Plaza, just north of City Hall.) Think you’d rather perform, or teach others to perform? Philly’s got you covered. If you’ve got some serious chops, maybe look into studying Opera at the Curtis Institute. Or choose a music education or performance-focused music graduate program at West Chester University. The above examples were all drawn from our Sponsored Program Listings here on And they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Tons of other options may be out there at all different Philadelphia colleges, just waiting for the right student to apply.

Make an Impact with Graduate Social Work Schools in Philadelphia

Social Work Graduate Schools in Philadelphia could help you prepare for licensure as a social worker, expand your practice, and learn more about the people you want to dedicate your life to helping. Philly colleges may offer a number of unique specializations within social work, including social work administration, policy, trauma, addiction, and children and families. Sponsored Philadelphia universities offering graduate programs in social work include:

  • Widener University Masters of Social Work
  • Temple University Master of Social Work
  • University of Pennsylvania Graduate School Social Work Programs
  • Bryn Mawr College Social Work Graduate Programs

Find 13 Graduate School Programs in Philadelphia

  • Wake Forest University

  • Colorado State University Global

  • California Southern University, a member of the American InterContinental University System

  • Grand Canyon University

  • Western Governors University

  • The University of Arizona Global Campus

  • Thomas Jefferson University

  • Curtis Institute Of Music, The

  • University of the Arts, The

  • International University of Health Sciences

  • Lincoln University (PA)

  • Chestnut Hill College

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