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Pennsylvania State University University Park , PA  
  • The master of music education degree provides opportunity for advanced study in the art of music, pedagogy, and systematic problem solving. In addition to the traditional academic year program, a ôsummers onlyö option is available. Fulfillment of degree... more >

  • The Ph.D. more >

  • The M.Eng. degree is a non-thesis professional masterÆs degree. The M.Eng. more >

  • This intercollege program emphasizes the properties of ecosystems by focusing attention on interactions of single organisms, populations, and communities with their environment. It is designed to give students a basic understanding of ecological theory... more >

  • The Master of Applied Statistics (M.A.S) program is a professional degree designed to provide training in statistics focused on developing data analysis skills, and exploration of all core areas of applied statistics, without going deeply into the mathe... more >

  • Kinesiology - Doctorate

    Our academic focus is in the arts and sciences of human movement. We offer a broad range of disciplinary performance and professional programs as they relate to the study of physical activity and fitness. more >

  • The program is intentionally small (entering classes of approximately 10 students and 25 full time faculty) to create a high quality program featuring close student-faculty interaction. We emphasize excellent training in research skills, along with trai... more >

  • The Ph.D. program in Chemistry provides students with a broad background in chemistry and intensive research experience culminating in the preparation of a formal thesis. The goal of the program is to prepare students for a variety of careers in academi... more >

  • The program enables students to concentrate in Russian literature at the graduate level while having the advantages of a comparative context. Students... more >

  • The focus of the program is on the interaction of biological, behavioral, sociocultural, and environmental variables in the etiology and prevention of health problems and in the promotion of healthy human development. The program is designed to cultivat... more >

  • The Department of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese at Penn State offers the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Spanish, with specializations in the Spanish Peninsular literature, Latin American literature, and Hispanic linguistics. more >

  • The Pennsylvania State University School of International Affairs is highly interdisciplinary and draws extensively upon the intellectual resources of... more >

  • The M.S. in Biotechnology curriculum is designed to give students broad knowledge and training in the scientific and practical aspects of biotechnolog... more >

  • Penn State's Department of Health Policy and Administration prepares graduates for positions in the health care system, the nation's number one growth industry. more >

  • The graduate program in Chemical Engineering at Penn State is designed to provide students advanced coverage of fundamentals in transport, thermodynamics and kinetics while giving students an opportunity to pursue specialized courses in ares of current... more >

  • The Environmental Pollution Control (EPC) Program deals with various aspects of air, land, and water pollution control. more >

  • Graduate education in the Penn State Department of Philosophy is characterized by a focus on, and commitment to, the history of philosophy, conceived as a basis for study in diverse areas of special interest. In addition, the graduate program includes s... more >

  • The Soil Science program is administered in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, College of Agricultural Sciences. Each student will be associated with an adviser who may provide financial support, research facilities, and/or office space. Applican... more >

  • The doctoral program at Penn State is fully accredited by APA, NCATE/NASP, and the Penn Dept. of Ed. School psychologists from Penn State are exemplary scientist-practitioners, firmly grounded in both psychology and education. Visit our web site for mor... more >

  • We are delighted to offer an innovative graduate program in the life sciences to students who are seeking an alternative to traditional programs. The increasing pace of change and the accelerating growth of knowledge demand that scientists be adept at a... more >

  • The Pennsylvania State University offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Geography. The faculty encourage graduate students to arrange courses of study appropriate to their individual needs and aspirations. Programs in geography may be directed toward a caree... more >

  • Opportunities of study available in Aerospace Engineering are: low-speed aerodynamics, airplane and helicopter aerodynamics; V/STOL aircraft, turbulence, astrodynamics, turbomachinery, air breathing propulsion, aeroacoustics, gas dynamics, stability and... more >

  • The Master of Business Administration program is a professional degree designed to prepare individuals for managerial positions in business, governmen... more >

  • The Smeal Executive MBA curriculum was developed in consultation with industry leaders, and the courses are continually updated according to current b... more >

  • The College Student Affairs program provides graduate instruction for students preparing to enter the student affairs profession on college and univer... more >

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