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Pennsylvania State University University Park , PA  
  • The mission of the Workforce Education and Development Program is to promote excellence, opportunity, and leadership among professionals in the workforce education and development field including, but not limited to those employed in secondary or postse... more >

  • The Master of Architecture is a post-professional degree. Post-professional degrees do not qualify the recipient for professional licensure in the Uni... more >

  • The objective of this program is to educate and train plant biologists using the most modern techniques available today. Graduates from this program have gone on to a diverse range of careers, including positions in colleges and universities, research i... more >

  • The Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management M.S. and Ph.D. degree programs are designed to prepare individuals for research and educational roles in the hospitality industry. The programs offer advanced graduate research training for students wh... more >

  • This specialty prepares students for careers in the design of treatment facilities, environmental monitoring, process development for water quality control, industrial waste treatment, management of hazardous and toxic substances, monitoring and managem... more >

  • The Intercollege Graduate Program in Genetics is designed to prepare graduates for rapidly expanding opportunities in genetics in academic institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, private research institutes, governmental research labor... more >

  • The Master of Science in Information Sciences and Technology is an interdisciplinary degree program focusing on theoretical, application-oriented, and educational issues. Graduates will serve society as managers, researchers and teachers focused on the... more >

  • Graduate instruction and research opportunities are available in atomic and molecular physics, laser physics, experimental and theoretical condensed matter and materials physics, surface physics, low-temperature physics, statistical physics, acoustics,... more >

  • The M.S. in Human Resources and Employment Relations program is a residential graduate program that prepares students for careers in human resources and labor and employment relations with corporations, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and... more >

  • Counselor Education at Penn State consists of two graduate programs within the College of Education offering professional preparation at the master's degree level for qualified persons wishing to become elementary school counselors, secondary school... more >

  • Agronomy graduate programs emphasize research that increases the efficiency of production of agronomic crops, improves the quality of food, feed, and fiber available for humans and animals, assists in the use and development of land resources, develops... more >

  • This program offers training in French literature, civilization and foreign language acquisition theory/linguistics. more >

  • The Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering emphasizes the practical application of electrical sciences and technology to the needs of society. The program is designed to prepare students for industry, teaching, and research careers. more >

  • This program helps students prepare for careers in college teaching, administration, research, public school art teaching, and art supervision. more >

  • Construction engineering and management; environmental engineering; hydrosystems engineering; materials, pavement design and geotechnical engineering; structural engineering; and transportation engineering. Laboratories for computer aided drafting and d... more >

  • With the addition of leading researchers in economic theory, econometrics, economic development, and macroeconomics, the Economics Department at Penn State has improved dramatically in the last few years. A consequence is that students who receive a Ph. more >

  • Graduate Programs' goal is to prepare students for careers as professors at top research universities worldwide. more >

  • Programs are designed to give students an understanding of the biology and management of terrestrial or aquatic wildlife species and their environments, and include training in fish and wildlife ecology, nutrition, physiology, behavior, and pathology of... more >

  • Graduate instruction and research opportunities are available in theoretical, experimental, and observational astronomy and astrophysics. more >

  • Our department offers an innovative graduate program in German that combines modern cultural studies with a state-of-the-art applied linguistics curriculum. The department's interdisciplinary approach allows students to combine cultural history with a s... more >

  • The graduate program in Higher Education has as its goal the preparation of individuals who will pursue careers and exert leadership in postsecondary education as administrators, faculty, or researchers in the nation's colleges and universities and in a... more >

  • The Comparative and International Education dual-title degree program option is administered by the Committee on Comparative and International Education. The committee maintains program definition, identifies courses appropriate to option, develops and... more >

  • The objectives of the Mining Engineering program are to train students in the methodology of research and expand the student's knowledge in selected subjects related to research as well as to the entire field of mining engineering. more >

  • Plant pathology is the study of disease in plants and concerns the dynamic interaction between the plant, the causal agent (bacteria, fungi,viruses, nematodes, etc.), and their environments. A student prepares for a professional career in research, teac... more >

  • Graduates are prepared for careers in basic and applied research in nutrition and in college teaching. The course of study is planned to meet the professional objectives of the individual student. Students may emphasize nutrition science, applied human... more >

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