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Pennsylvania State University University Park , PA  
  • The master of music education degree provides opportunity for advanced study in the art of music, pedagogy, and systematic problem solving. In addition to the traditional academic year program, a ôsummers onlyö option is available. Fulfillment of degree... more >

  • The program helps prepare students to work with people who have speech, language, and/or hearing disabilities. more >

  • The graduate Psychology program is characterized by highly individualized study leading to the Ph.D. degree. Emphasis is placed on research, teaching, and professional career development. more >

  • Graduate education in the Penn State Department of Philosophy is characterized by a focus on, and commitment to, the history of philosophy, conceived as a basis for study in diverse areas of special interest. In addition, the graduate program includes s... more >

  • Penn State's Department of Health Policy and Administration prepares graduates for positions in the health care system, the nation's number one growth industry. more >

  • Smeal MBA Program Vast Resources. We’re part of one of the nation’s most recognized and respected universities. more >

  • Graduate courses in all the principal branches of mathematics are offered regularly each year. The department is prepared to direct research in a variety of fields, including various branches of analysis, algebra, topology, number theory, applied analys... more >

  • The Educational Psychology program emphasizes the use of rigorous quantitative methodology in the scientific study of learning, instruction, and measurement in applied settings. Typically this program prepares individuals for professions in universities... more >

  • This intercollege program is designed to provide students with graduate level training in engineering and the life sciences by the application of engineering principles and techniques to the solution of problems in medicine and biology. Graduate instruc... more >

  • Our department offers an innovative graduate program in German that combines modern cultural studies with a state-of-the-art applied linguistics curriculum. The department's interdisciplinary approach allows students to combine cultural history with a s... more >

  • Plant pathology is the study of disease in plants and concerns the dynamic interaction between the plant, the causal agent (bacteria, fungi,viruses, nematodes, etc.), and their environments. A student prepares for a professional career in research, teac... more >

  • This is an intercollege program designed to enable students to obtain an integrated series of courses encompassing both the fundamentals of physiology and advanced training in a specialized area. Courses can be taken either at the Penn State Milton S. H... more >

  • This specialty prepares students for careers in the design of treatment facilities, environmental monitoring, process development for water quality control, industrial waste treatment, management of hazardous and toxic substances, monitoring and managem... more >

  • Construction engineering and management; environmental engineering; hydrosystems engineering; materials, pavement design and geotechnical engineering; structural engineering; and transportation engineering. Laboratories for computer aided drafting and d... more >

  • Industry is striving for a competitive edge through quality, cost, speed, and flexibility applying concepts such as product realization, e-business, l... more >

  • The purpose of the M.Ed. program in Special Education is to prepare teachers of exceptional children. M.Ed. students are trained in behavior management and instructional design, implementation, and evaluation appropriate for effective work with children... more >

  • The Master of Applied Statistics (M.A.S) program is a professional degree designed to provide training in statistics focused on developing data analysis skills, and exploration of all core areas of applied statistics, without going deeply into the mathe... more >

  • This program provides advanced professional preparation in the development of effective, efficient instructional materials. Skill and knowledge in the fields of educational psychology, instructional design, computer technologies, development of educatio... more >

  • The Department of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese at Penn State offers the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Spanish, with specializations in the Spanish Peninsular literature, Latin American literature, and Hispanic linguistics. more >

  • The graduate program in Chemical Engineering at Penn State is designed to provide students advanced coverage of fundamentals in transport, thermodynamics and kinetics while giving students an opportunity to pursue specialized courses in ares of current... more >

  • The graduate programs emphasize productive scholarship and research in the development of nursing knowledge and the translation of knowledge into practice. Advanced study is in human health and development throughout the life span, and in nursings role... more >

  • The objective of this program is to educate and train plant biologists using the most modern techniques available today. Graduates from this program have gone on to a diverse range of careers, including positions in colleges and universities, research i... more >

  • We are delighted to offer an innovative graduate program in the life sciences to students who are seeking an alternative to traditional programs. The increasing pace of change and the accelerating growth of knowledge demand that scientists be adept at a... more >

  • The Soil Science program is administered in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, College of Agricultural Sciences. Each student will be associated with an adviser who may provide financial support, research facilities, and/or office space. Applican... more >

  • The graduate program embraces topics that span atmospheric processes from those of the planetary boundary layer to those of the upper atmosphere, that encompass phenomena with molecular to planetary dimensions, and that range from practical to theoretic... more >

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