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Program Information

Degrees Offered:

Certification, Pennsylvania Department of Education, Home and School Visitor, M.S.W./Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling and M.S.W./Master of Divinity. Home and School Visitor Certification also available.

Format: Campus

Program Description:

Courses of the M.S.W. degree curriculum may be classified generally into two categories: foundation curriculum and advanced study.

Foundation Curriculum

*Social Work Practice I  

*Social Work Practice II

*Field Education I

*Field Education II

*Human Behavior I

*Human Behavior II

*Social Work Research I: Design and Methodology

*Social Work Research II: Implementation and Analysis

*Introduction to Social Welfare

*Ethical Issues in Social Work Practice

Advanced Curriculum

As students move to more advanced levels of their studies, more specialized courses are offered to assist in the acquisition of knowledge and skills in greater depth. The School offers concentrations in Advanced Practice with Client Systems and Administration in Social Work. Students who have completed the foundation courses are required to take a two-semester Concentration in either Advanced Practice with Client Systems or Administration. The choice of their concentration is the focus of their field assignment, which is taken concurrently with concentration coursework.  Students at the advanced level of study also take coursework in Advanced Practice with Client Systems (for those concentrating in Administration), or in Administration (for those concentrating in Advanced Practice with Client Systems). It is out of the convergence of the methods concentration, complementary methods work and field experience, supported by elective choices, that the student is expected to develop skill and competence for advanced social work practice.

Concentration Courses

*Advanced Social Work Practice with Individuals, Families, and Groups      

*Advanced Social Work Practice with Organizations and Communities        

*Administration in Social Work Practice I

*Administration in Social Work Practice II

*Field Education III: Advanced Practice with Client Systems

*Field Education IV: Advanced Practice with Client Systems

*Field Education III: Administration in Social Work

*Field Education IV: Administration in Social Work

*Social Welfare Policy and Services


The school offers a range of elective choices to respond flexibly to priority concerns and emerging issues in social welfare, in accord with faculty resources and student interests.

*Child Welfare Practice and Services

*Social Work Practice with Children

*Family Focused Social Work Practice

*Social Work Practice in Groups

*Supervision in Social Work Practice

*Social Work Perspectives on Psychopathology

*Critical Issues in Chemical Dependence

*Social Work Thesis

*Women’s Issues and the Practice of Social Work

*Spiritual and Religious Dimensions of Social Work Practice

*Critical Issues in Ethnic and Racial Experience

*Concepts and Issues in Gerontology

*Independent Study Variable

*International Independent Study Variable

*Human Sexuality: Issues for Social Work

Independent Study

Independent study is open to students who have completed one year of full-time or the equivalent part-time study in Marywood’s Master of Social Work program. A 3.50 quality point average is required in order to be eligible. No more than two independent study courses may be taken by non-advanced-standing students, or one by advanced-standing students during their Master of Social Work programs. Only one independent study may be taken per semester, and no more than one independent study may be taken with any given faculty member.

Field Education

Students are required to spend a total of 920 clock hours in field education placements.  Students with Advanced Standing status complete three semesters of field for a total of 720 hours. Advanced Standing students who choose summer field placements will spend 24 hours per week in field placement during the summer. Field placements must be taken concurrently with core practice methods courses since the primary objective of field experience is to facilitate the integration of practice learning with theoretical content. Placement decisions involve collaboration between the Director of Field Education and the student in order to select a field setting that meets the student’s interests, provides appropriate learning opportunities, and whose location and operating hours are accessible to the student. Students with full-time employment may seek placements with nontraditional hours. Such placements are available in a very limited number of agencies.

Program Plans

The School of Social Work at Marywood has developed full- and part-time program plans for persons seeking the Master of Social work degree: standard full-time and part-time and advanced standing full-time and part-time. Full-time programs are available on weekdays at Marywood University in Scranton, and evenings at the Lehigh Valley Center at DeSales University. Part-time programs are available on Saturdays in Scranton, evenings at the Lehigh Valley and Reading Centers, and Saturdays at the Central Pennsylvania Center.


Council on Social Work Education, Middle States Commission on Higher Education

Facts & Figures

Financial Aid: Yes

International Financial Aid: Yes

# of Credits Required: varies

Average Cost per Credit (Graduate): varies USD

Classification: Master's College or University I

Locale: Small City

Size & Settings: 3,000-5,999

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