Lehigh University: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

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Lehigh University Bethlehem , PA  
  • The Industrial and Systems Engineering program has 17 internationally known faculty members who maintain an active research program in operations research, logistics, financial engineering, and manufacturing systems. more >

  • Research areas in the Biochemistry program include studies of protein structure and function and signal transduction. In the Molecular Biology program, research areas include microbial evolution and genetics, eukaryotic cell biology, and regulation of g... more >

  • Behavioral and Evolutionary Biology is a concentration for students in the Integrative Biology Ph.D. program. Students in the Integrative Biology Ph.D... more >

  • We believe expert teaching occurs at the intersection of discipline-specific knowledge and pedagogical knowledge. more >

  • The M.A. program in Political Science prepares students for public service and business careers and/or further study in Political Science, Public Poli... more >

  • Lehigh University has been granting advanced degrees in history for more than 80 years. Its graduate program was initiated by Professor Lawrence Henry Gipson, who won the Pulitzer Prize for one volume of his series, The British Empire Before the America... more >

  • Today there is much pressure on teachers and schools to incorporate technology more directly in the classroom, particularly in light of "21st century workforce" demands. In addition, schools handle a wider range of student abilities and differences toda... more >

  • The graduate minor or concentration in Cognitive Science is available to graduate students (primarily doctoral) majoring in Psychology or Computer Sci... more >

  • The Department of Psychology offers a distinctive research-intensive Ph.D. program with a focus on Human Cognition and Development. Training is provided by a core curriculum and specialization in one of three intersecting clusters: Cognition and Languag... more >

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