Bryn Mawr College: Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

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Bryn Mawr College Bryn Mawr , PA  
  • The Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research offers three degree programs:  Masters in Social Service (MSS); Masters in Law and Social Policy (MLSP); and a Ph.D. in Social Work.  In addition, students with a BSW degree from an accred... more >

  • Bryn Mawr offers a university-quality research doctorate in Mathematics in the supportive environment of a liberal arts College. more >

  • Bryn Mawr's unique program allows students to work at the interface of the Greek, the ancient Near East, and Roman worlds. more >

  • Organic synthesis; organic photochemistry; NMR studies of "through-space" coupling; ab initio molecular orbital calculations. more >

  • Doctoral training in psychological theory, research, and clinical practice within a developmental context. more >

  • Bryn Mawr's M.A. program combines campus study in seminars with summer study in the Institut d'Etudes francaises d'Avignon. more >

  • Bryn Mawr offers a distinctive PhD experience tailored to students needs and interests. more >

  • Bryn Mawr offers a degree in the history and theory of art in Europe and America from late antiquity through contemporary film. more >

  • The Department of Greek, Latin and Classical Studies offers rigorous training in classical languages and classical studies. more >

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