Oregon State University: Corvallis, Oregon

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Oregon State University Corvallis , OR  
  • The Department of Public Health offers programs of study in environmental health and safety, health care administration, school health education, and public health promotion and education. more >

  • The Department of Botany and Plant Pathology offers graduate programs leading to the Master of Arts, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees.The Department offers graduate programs in the following areas of concentration: Ecology, Geneti... more >

  • The Department of Forest Engineering offers study in forest hydrology, timber harvest systems, logging engineering, forest operations, and a joint program in harvesting and silviculture with the Department of Forest Science. The Department... more >

  • The Department of Agricultural Education and General Agriculture offers course work that serves teachers and leaders in agriculture. more >

  • Faculty in medicinal chemistry and natural products search for new sources of antibiotics and anti-cancer compounds from cyanobacteria, swamp water, sponges and other microbial sources. more >

  • The Plant Physiology Program is a interdepartmental degree program administered by the Graduate School. The program identifies plant physiology as a major field of specialization and defines curricula appropriate for training in plant physiology at the... more >

  • The MA major consists of (1) the core requirements and (2) one of the four areas of concentration: creative writing, English and American literature,... more >

  • The Department of Chemical Engineering offers graduate programs leading to the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. All programs are tailored to individual student needs and professional goals. A diversity of faculty interests, broadened... more >

  • The civil engineering curriculum is designed to prepare students for professional and responsible engineering positions with business, industry, consulting firms, or government. The curriculum includes basic sciences, social sciences, humanities, commun... more >

  • The Department of Apparel, Interiors, Housing, and Merchandising offers graduate work leading toward Master of Science, Master of Arts, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Apparel, Interiors, Housing, and Merchandising. Areas of concentration for MS and... more >

  • A 4-year professional program leading to a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. more >

  • A post-baccalaureate certificate in accounting is intended for those who wish to prepare for careers in professional accounting. more >

  • The OSU MBA in Corvallis, OR, is designed to accelerate your career, connected you with industry influencers, and build your experience through applied projects. more >

  • The graduate program in the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics at Oregon State University grants primarily PhD degrees, but also offers thesis and nonthesis Masters degrees. We offer a broad range of research topics through the faculty within... more >

  • The Professional Science Master’s degree programs provide students with opportunities to earn an M.S. more >

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