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Teaching (MAT)

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The Marylhurst MAT Program Commitment to Principles of Social Justice The Marylhurst master's in teaching degree program is committed to developing educators who have the skills to make a positive impact on the most pressing educational issue facing our state – the glaring gap in children's achievement levels caused by complex social, economic and historical factors. Elementary & Secondary Cohorts While candidates gain specific skills in their area of specialization, they learn how the application of theory applies in all classroom environments. Field Experience Field experience in a classroom begins the first term and continues for three more terms. This provides a 12-month perspective of how teachers prepare for the start of school in the fall and maintain educational momentum throughout the school year. Student Teaching By providing guidance in the classroom and in the school community, Marylhurst's Clinical Faculty facilitate a student teaching experience that prepares each candidate for their first year of teaching. Early Entry into the Profession Candidates finish their degree and licensure requirements with the completion of student teaching prior to the end of March. This provides the opportunity to develop a work history during spring term through substitute teaching assignments, which can help secure employment for the next school year. Mentor Support During the First Year of Teaching Marylhurst's mentors provide meaningful professional development after graduation to ensure that the first year of teaching is a successful and rewarding experience. Reading Emphasis The master's in teaching degree program also prepares candidates with advanced skills in reading instruction and the ability to work successfully with students whose first language is not English.


Marylhurst University is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. The Master of Arts in Teaching is approved by the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC).

International Student Requirements:

TOEFL score and other requirements as outlined on our admissions website.

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Classification: Master's College or University I

Loans Offered: Many Marylhurst University students are eligible for U.S. Federal financial aid, employer tuition reimbursement, or other tuition help. Our enrollment advisors will walk you through our many payment options.

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