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Master of Science in Ocean Engineering

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The objective of the Master of Science in Ocean Engineering is to provide students with a major focus on ocean vehicles and structures including ships, advanced marine vehicles, offshore platforms and submarines; principle analysis areas include hydrodynamics, structures, vehicle dynamics, and marine engineering. The Master of Science degree in Ocean Engineering (Naval Engineering) concentrates on naval ship design and related topics. Courses will be offered using an internet only delivery method. There will be both synchronous (two-way, live communication between student and professor) and asynchronous (downloadable, prerecorded lectures) components. Students admitted to this program after 30 June 2004 will be required to follow one of two tracks: Track A - The student must complete a master's thesis on a topic agreeable to both the student and an academic advisor (6-10 cr. AOE 5994 Research and Thesis). 8-12 cr. of approved electives. Track B - AOE 5305 Marine Engineering AOE 5374 Rationally-Based Design of Ocean Structures AOE 5314 Naval Ship System Design AOE 5904 Project and Report (3-6 cr.) 6-9 cr. of approved electives ** These courses are a two course sequence to be offered each fall (5314) and spring (5904). AOE 5904 will consist of a ship design project and may be a group effort. Students having taken Submarine Design may do a submarine design project with the permission of the instructor.


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