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Program Information

Degrees Offered:

MS in Forest Resources and Conservation, Concentration in Geomatics

Format: Online

Program Description:

Distance Geomatics students will have the opportunity to interact with experienced faculty and to build a learning community with fellow students. Students completing the MS concentration in Geomatics will develop or strengthen their knowledge and skills allowing them to: -Understand theoretical and technical knowledge of geospatial information sciences and the application of Geomatics -Design experimental and descriptive research methodologies used in the application of Geomatics -Analyze information and ideas relevant to the application of Geomatics and resource conservation -Analyze critically and synthesize relevant primary information sources, such as technical reports and scientific publications -Demonstrate techniques used to map and understand the complex environment we live in through the application of Geomatics methods Geomatics refers to the integrated approach of measurement, analysis, and management of the descriptions and locations of geospatial data. These data come from many sources, including earth-orbiting satellites, air and sea-borne sensors and ground-based instruments. It is processed and manipulated with state-of-the-art information technology. Geomatics has applications in all disciplines which depend on spatial data including forestry, environmental studies, planning, engineering, navigation, geology, geophysics, and national intelligence. Thus, this field of study is fundamental to all areas of study which use spatially related data such as Surveying, Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry, Cartography, Geographic Information Systems, Property or Cadastral Studies, Global Positioning, and Geospatial Analysis.


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Classification: Doctoral/Research University—Extensive

Loans Offered: Domestic students are eligible for Federal Financial Aid.

Locale: Midsize City

Size & Settings: 0-999

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