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University of Findlay, The Findlay , OH  
  • The Children’s Literature strand will enhance a teacher or informal educator’s ability to use books and local resources to effectively design and deliver programming to youth. Although targeted at early ages, juvenile literature is also addressed. more >

  • The Curriculum and Teaching strand will prepare teachers or informal educators to become an expert in design of programs that integrate both how to teach a content area and ensure the needed content background is current for their respective field and at... more >

  • The Educational Administration strand prepares students for leadership roles within their field. Students will learn the skills and develop the contextual understanding necessary to effectively implement policies, manage school personnel, curricula, and f... more >

  • The Educational Technology strand prepares students to utilize and engage technology within the classroom. Students will learn how to integrate technology-based learning methods, design curricula tailored to the online learner, and analyze relevant data. more >

  • The Human Resource Development strand prepares students to become professional educators. In addition to the graduate education core courses, there are three emphasis options: Athletic Administration, Leadership or Training and Development. ... more >

  • This strand will prepare students to teach science at the P-12 grade levels. Through coursework in a variety of science areas, students will gain mastery in understanding and integrating national science standards into their classrooms. more >

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