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Tiffin University Tiffin , OH  
  • Become an expert in local, national and international economies, in cooperating and competing markets, investment analysis and legal and ethical issues with our finance program... more >

  • Teaching Communication: Leads students through the history and practice of media, communication and related technology from ancient times to the digital age... more >

  • Teaching Art: Explores Western tradition art, contemporary film and graphics. Teaches visual literacy and how to interpret and evaluate all forms of visual media... more >

  • The Master of Science (MS) in Psychology at Tiffin University offers students the opportunity to gain broad, graduate-level knowledge in developmental psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology, neuropsychology and other disciplines. more >

  • TU’s master’s program ensures a comprehensive education in justice administration with classes in HR management, contemporary issues in justice administration, legal and ethical issues, management practices and design of educational programs and training... more >

  • TU’s homeland security program is one of the best in the nation. With our faculty’s expertise and commitment, you can explore contemporary security including current threats, strategic planning, budget & finance, policy formulation, and leadership... more >

  • Develop expertise in the psychological causes of crime with classes that focus on trends and major crime problems and statistics, the nature and causes of crime, justice agencies and personnel, and the changing features of the American legal system... more >

  • TU’s online classes focus on theoretical overviews of crime analysis, computer applications in crime analysis and investigation, the criminal intelligence process, geographic information systems and research design... more >

  • Life is a movie. You are the star. Make it a happy ending. Study what you love with TU’s master’s in film studies that combines art and communication. more >

  • With master classes focusing on English, you will hone your teaching skills as you develop effective syllabi, identify creative learning objectives and push yourself more than you ever have with a series of creative writing workshops... more >

  • Teaching English: Explores pedogogy in rhetoric and composition, canonical and contemporary literature and develops creative potential. more >

  • With ample courses ranging from Teaching College English to Genre Writing, we focus on creative writing workshops that challenge and test you – and make you a better writer, so that you can create like no one else ever has. ... more >

  • Art has the power to educate, motivate, stir emotions and change the heart. Advance your career with studies of modern and traditional art media: websites, film, paintings, photography, sculpture... more >

  • Tiffin University’s Master of Humanities program is a far-reaching exploration of arts, philosophy, literature, language and more – yet the focus remains on job-suitable skills for the arts and culture sector. more >

  • Tiffin University’s Master of Education (MEd) degree program with a concentration in Higher Education Administration is for those who want to work in nonacademic roles in higher education. It was recently recognized as one of the best in the nation... more >

  • The Tiffin University education technology management concentration will expand your knowledge of learning management systems, web-based apps, game-based learning and multimedia, and how to use them to improve and accelerate learning... more >

  • Tiffin University’s Master of Education degree program helps you lay the groundwork for real development in education sector career paths... more >

  • Experience and access to sport professionals around the country is what differentiates the TU’s MBA sports management program from traditional sport management degrees. more >

  • TU’s MBA marketing program will teach you how to stay ahead of the rest with classes that focus on strategic brand and global marketing, as well as information systems and field analysis. more >

  • To lift your business to the next level, prepare yourself with leadership and management skills with TU’s MBA leadership program... more >

  • Success doesn’t just come to you. You have to go after it. And sometimes, you may have to chase it across the sea. Our international management MBA program will prepare you for the trip... more >

  • Gain knowledge in team development, managing the employer/employee relationship and providing competitive advantages through policies and practices with TU's MBA in Human Resource Management program... more >

  • With foundational business practices ranging from finance, to human resources and marketing management, the healthcare MBA program at TU prepares you with decision-making tools and new technologies so that you stay current in healthcare law and ethics... more >

  • Communication is the key to success – personally and professionally. With TU’s Master of Communication program, you will learn everything from ancient communication philosophies to transmedia storytelling... more >

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