Summit Theological Seminary

Summit Theological Seminary



Peru, IN 46970

United States



Program Information

Degrees Offered:

Rel.D. - Doctorate of Religion, M.S.L. - Sacred Literature;M.A.R. - Arts in Religion;

Format: Online

Program Description:

Summit Theological Seminary is an unaccredited school. By that we mean that there is not any accrediting association to which we have applied for accreditation. We state this from the outset so as to let that fact be clearly understood. We do not desire to mislead any of our prospective students into thinking we are accredited.

Summit Theological Seminary exists for the specific purpose of teaching the Bible, the Bible sciences, and related practical ministry courses. Though it is not confined to those who are ministers of the Gospel, it was established for the purpose of recruiting and educating men for the ministry. The school was also designed to help encourage located ministers to finish their degree program. It is also expected that we will be of service to those who wish to continue their education on a graduate level.

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