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Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester , NY  
  • The online executive MBA is a challenging and demanding program designed to accelerate the careers of mature, high-performance professionals with significant business experience, unlike traditional MBA programs which are geared primarily toward a les... more >

  • The MS in networking and system administration provides the knowledge and technical skills in network environments. more >

  • Senior leaders in the most successful businesses agree that leveraging the human capital of an organization is vital to survival in today’s competitive business climate. more >

  • Human-computer interaction teaches the design, evaluation and implementation of interactive computing systems for human use. more >

  • The advanced certificate in communication and digital media is comprised of courses focusing on digital media that have both career and scholarly applications... more >

  • The master of science degree in manufacturing leadership is designed for experienced professionals moving to mid- and senior-level positions in manufacturing and service organizations. more >

  • The advanced certificate in health care finance assists professionals in updating a set of skills or pursuing a career change. more >

  • Health informatics studies the nature of medical data and the use of information technology to manage health-related information in medical practice, education, and research. more >

  • This program is designed for engineers, scientists, technical managers & other experienced professionals for product innovation. more >

  • The Master of Science in health systems administration provides strategic skills for today’s healthcare management professionals. more >

  • Management of environmental, health and safety issues has changed significantly in the past twenty years. more >

  • The master of science degree program in health care interpretation (MSHCI) is designed to meet the demands of nationally certified sign language interpreters desiring a master’s degree specific to working in health care environments. more >

  • The mission of this program is to provide education, training, research, and consultation for human resource development (HRD). more >

  • In today's business-oriented society, project-based organizations have become the norm and project management has become much more than just a way of conducting business. New growth within these project-based organizations has changed the shape of p... more >

  • The MS in professional studies program enables students to create an individualized plan of study tailored to their personal and professional goals... more >

  • The MS in data science has a strong career focus and prepares students with the practical and theoretical skills to handle large-scale data management and analysis challenges that arise in today's data-driven organizations. more >

  • This advanced certificate in cybersecurity provides the fundamental knowledge and expertise in network security and forensics necessary for security in networked environments. more >

  • The service leadership and innovation program provides students with the capability to transform their service organizations. more >

  • Business savvy, leadership ability and critical decision-making skills are the necessary traits for success as a financial manager in the future of health care. Reducing costs and delivering bottom-line results to shareholders without sacrificing qua... more >

  • The advanced certificate in network planning and design provides the knowledge and expertise needed to seek careers that require foundation knowledge of enterprise network architectures and administration, emerging network technologies, the network desig... more >

  • This advanced certificate is designed for engineers, scientists, and similar professionals who want a sound education in statistical methods but who wish to finish a program in a shorter time period than that for the MS degree in applied statistics. more >

  • Senior living is a phenomenon in the United States which is here to stay. Whether the living accommodations are part of a larger system providing a continuum of care or stand alone facilities the demand is strong for this senior living option and wil... more >

  • The advanced certificate in network planning and design will provide individuals who have prior experience in computing and in computer networking with the knowledge and expertise necessary to seek or further their careers in the design, performance... more >

  • Technical information design is a growing multidisciplinary communication field that requires understanding and skills in the development and use of text, graphic design, multimedia, and other techniques to enhance contemporary technical communicatio... more >

  • The business of running health care requires a leader with multiple strategic skills. The manager is required to forecast into the future, develop a strategic plan to capture this vision, align service resources to carry out the vision and market thi... more >

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