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NYU Tandon School of Engineering Brooklyn , NY  
  • Electrical engineers assume a principal role in implementing industrial infrastructure, from vast complexes to intricate applications on hand-held devices. This online Master of Science program in Electrical Engineering prepares students to embrace an advanced, highly sought-after professional career. It also gives them critical knowledge to pursue a PhD in electrical engineering. Students explore key subdisciplines in control, signal processing and computing to achieve a thorough command of the field. more >

  • Computer engineers participate in some of the most forward-looking work in industry and government today, particularly telecommunications, computer networks and microelectronics. You become a resourceful expert in such dynamic ?elds as computer networks, VLSI design and testing, embedded systems design and computer architecture. Focusing on principles and concepts underlying the design and integration of hardware and software components and systems, this online Master’s in Computer Engineering gives you what you must know to become a serious professional, con?dent in electronically controlled systems and devices. more >

  • Emerging from unprecedented investigations into biological phenomena over the last decades, the in-demand ?eld of bioinformatics organizes and translates vast streams of data from living organisms generated by the Human Genome Project and other more recent studies.  This online graduate certi?cate prepares you to join a talented cadre of creative specialists in the fast-paced pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. more >

  • Industrial engineers are key professionals who explore how industrial systems work and spearhead effective and ef?cient delivery of quality products and services. In this online Master’s program in Industrial Engineering, you learn to exploit analytic modeling, system simulation, queuing systems, work design, project planning, facilities design and quality management and control, practices that are fast becoming essential in global industry. more >

  • As the demand for skilled information-security professionals continues to grow, computer and network professionals now can turn to this online, in-demand Master’s to emerge as sophisticated practitioners in cyber security, the science of protecting vital computer networks and electronic infrastructures from attack. Acquire a solid foundation in key technologies — computer and network security, digital forensics, cryptography, and biometrics. Study with internationally recognized faculty from Information Systems and Internet Security (ISIS) Laboratory. With industry continuing to place top priority on safeguarding its data and information systems, you become well-prepared for careers in developing security products, as security-application programmers, security analysts, penetration testers, vulnerability analysts and security architects. more >

  • Rapidly increasing knowledge of the molecular biology of the cell has led to bioinformatics, a new discipline that transforms traditional biology into an information science. The School of Engineering's Master of Science in Bioinformatics program prepares students to manage and study data from the explosion of information from the life sciences. The program meets industry's demand for professionals with solid foundations in genomics, proteomics, Perl and BioPerl, R and BioConductor, MySQL, sequence and pathway analysis, as well as a host of genome informatics tools and algorithms such as BLAST. more >

  • Global competition for manufacturing productivity and pro?tability has generated vast new frontiers, introducing new, innovative strategies, tools and technologies. Manufacturing engineers are at the forefront of inventive ways to improve quality, reduce inventory, and curtail cycle time by focusing on design- and product- realization processes. Graduates of this online Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering, implement effective manufacturing methods, such as Total Quality Management, Just-In-Time Manufacturing, and Total Quality Control. Students emerge as experts in new production-control systems, lean manufacturing, and activity-based costing. ... more >

  • The Power Technologies series gives company staff core competencies to support electric power systems, electronic power supplies, and electric drives in the burgeoning energy sector. This 3-course, 9-credit Certificate of Completion in Power Technologies is available completely online, providing your personnel access to rich, interactive, instructor-led curriculum, coupled with peer-to-peer engagement. Your staff will gain hands-on, advanced, business-critical skills needed in the energy industry. more >

  • If you are looking to make a difference in the new digital economy, where bridging the gap between management and technology is crucial, you should enroll in NYU Engineering’s online Master’s in Management of Technology (MOT). If you are a mid-career manager or member of a technical staff, the program is technology based and industry-driven, allowing you to create and deliver value to your organization. MOT is your unique path to management, leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, design thinking, and creativity for 21st century leaders. Encompassing a broad range of industry sectors, the degree is your fast track to high-tech leadership. It also features IBM-requested course electives, focusing on communication and design of technology. more >

  • You must complete 36 credits with an average of B or better to obtain a Master of Science in Organizational Behavior, Systems & Analytics at the School of Engineering. In any of the concentrations listed below, there are 4 components you should address in order to receive the degree: Core courses (required) Concentration courses, including required concentration electives. Free electives (optional, may be concentration electives) Research project (required)... more >

  • The expansion of the global marketplace comes with increasing technological advances, logistical challenges, and unpredictable variables. In this highly-competitive environment, skilled Project Managers are in high demand. Project managers are the team leaders that hold everything together, using their skills and training to get the job done on time and on budget. The Certificate in Project Management at the School of Engineering is designed for those who want to focus on the management of the day-to-day operations of private industry. Our students are trained to manage everything from individual research and development to large-scale and complex technological systems. They are taught the basics of business, such as feasibility and risk analysis, project selection, logistics, negotiations and contracts, and finance, as well as how to develop and effectively manage operations in knowledge-intensive enterprises. In the School of Engineering program we will help you manage the effective integration of technology, people and operating systems in the global landscape of modern business. We place a special emphasis on global, technology-enabled innovation and coordinating worldwide business activities, such as R&D and new product development on a global scale, in addition to the growing prominence of IT and e-Business in global innovation. more >

  • More and more companies and individuals are storing information in the cloud and corporations responsible for housing this information in their data centers are continually in need of individuals who can grow with their business across many technologies. NYU School of Engineering’s online Data Center Certificate Series equips students with valuable knowledge they can immediately apply in their workplace in areas of data center architectures, internet protocols and cloud computing. This 3-course, 9-credit Certificate of Completion in Data Center & Cloud Technologies is available completely online, providing you personal access to rich, interactive, instructor-led curriculum, coupled with peer-to-peer engagement. You will gain hands-on, advanced, business-critical skills needed in the fast-growing data center industry. more >

  • With more Internet-connected devices, machines, and applications talking to one another than ever before, corporations are amassing unprecedented mountains of information. The need among industry to manage data effectively is growing. As McKinsey Global Institute reports: "The United States alone could face a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 people with deep analytical skills as well as 1.5 million managers and analysts with the know-how to use the analysis of big data to make effective decisions." Our 3-course, 9-credit online Data Science Certificate of Completion is aimed at providing you a strong foundation to analyze large-scale data sets, and create useful insights for your organization. Courses include big data analysis, machine learning and principles of data systems. Principles of database systems can be substituted with visualization or cloud computing courses if a student already has a database background. more >

  • Today, your enterprise may be generating, compiling, and analyzing massive amounts of data, much of it in the cloud. But are you gaining the full value of these efforts? Do you understand the implications of data analytics your company is collecting? Is your data secure? And do your IT and other technical professionals possess the skills to keep up with — and make the most of — constantly evolving computing technologies, so they can effectively manage it all? To ensure that your company's data gives you useful and secure insights, your IT staff needs a solid understanding of cloud computing, mobile security, and data analytics. This 3-course, 9-credit Certificate of Completion in Emerging Computing Technologies is available completely online, providing you personnel access to rich, interactive, instructor-led curriculum, coupled with peer-to-peer engagement. You or your staff will gain hands-on, advanced, business-critical skills needed to leapfrog into the cloud. more >

  • Human Capital is a company's most valuable asset. Human Resource professionals are increasingly called on to provide insight and best practices intended to improve workforce productivity, operational efficiency and the effectiveness of talent management strategy. Our Human Capital Engineering and Analytics Immersion Certificate will help you identify and analyze data to make effective people-related decisions, including identifying critical skills, hiring top performers, developing optimal career paths and building an engaged workforce. By being exposed to advanced techniques, such as predictive analytics and human capital modeling, this certificate will provide you the methods and strategies needed to build an effective human capital development program. This 3-course, 9-credit Certificate of Completion in Human Capital Engineering and Analytics is available completely online, providing you access to an interactive, instructor-led curriculum, coupled with peer-to-peer engagement. You will gain hands-on, advanced, business-critical skills needed to effectively manage your organization’s human capital today that will drive value tomorrow. more >

  • With the explosion of data and the competition for talent in today’s business environment, organizations are relying on human resource information technologies to help them provide strategic ways to achieve workforce optimization. The Human Resources manager of today must understand not only how to introduce and develop these new technologies, but also must understand their architecture and limitations to obtain the desired outcomes. Our immersion certificate will provide you with the hands-on training you need to select, implement and manage a human resource information system (HRIS). With this HRIS background you will be able to use these systems most effectively in order to gain solid returns for your organization. This 3-course, 7.5-credit Certificate of Completion in Human Resource Information Systems is available completely online, providing you access to an interactive, instructor-led curriculum, coupled with peer-to-peer engagement. You will gain hands-on, advanced, business-critical HRIS skills needed to manage your organization’s human capital program. more >