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NYU Tandon School of Engineering Brooklyn , NY  
  • Electrical engineers assume a principal role in implementing industrial infrastructure, from vast complexes to intricate applications on hand-held devices. This online Master of Science program in Electrical Engineering prepares students to embrace... more >

  • Computer engineers participate in some of the most forward-looking work in industry and government today, particularly telecommunications, computer networks and microelectronics. You become a resourceful expert in such dynamic ?elds as computer netw... more >

  • Emerging from unprecedented investigations into biological phenomena over the last decades, the in-demand ?eld of bioinformatics organizes and translates vast streams of data from living organisms generated by the Human Genome Project and other more... more >

  • Industrial engineers are key professionals who explore how industrial systems work and spearhead effective and ef?cient delivery of quality products and services. In this online Master’s program in Industrial Engineering, you learn to exploit... more >

  • As the demand for skilled information-security professionals continues to grow, computer and network professionals now can turn to this online, in-demand Master’s to emerge as sophisticated practitioners in cyber security, the science of prote... more >

  • Rapidly increasing knowledge of the molecular biology of the cell has led to bioinformatics, a new discipline that transforms traditional biology into an information science. The School of Engineering's Master of Science in Bioinformatics progra... more >

  • Global competition for manufacturing productivity and pro?tability has generated vast new frontiers, introducing new, innovative strategies, tools and technologies. Manufacturing engineers are at the forefront of inventive ways to improve quality, r... more >

  • The Power Technologies series gives company staff core competencies to support electric power systems, electronic power supplies, and electric drives in the burgeoning energy sector. This 3-course, 9-credit Certificate of Completion in Power Technol... more >

  • If you are looking to make a difference in the new digital economy, where bridging the gap between management and technology is crucial, you should enroll in NYU Engineering’s online Master’s in Management of Technology (MOT). If you are... more >

  • You must complete 36 credits with an average of B or better to obtain a Master of Science in Organizational Behavior, Systems & Analytics at the School of Engineering. In any of the concentrations listed below, there are 4 components you should... more >

  • The expansion of the global marketplace comes with increasing technological advances, logistical challenges, and unpredictable variables. In this highly-competitive environment, skilled Project Managers are in high demand. Project managers are the t... more >

  • More and more companies and individuals are storing information in the cloud and corporations responsible for housing this information in their data centers are continually in need of individuals who can grow with their business across many technolo... more >

  • With more Internet-connected devices, machines, and applications talking to one another than ever before, corporations are amassing unprecedented mountains of information. The need among industry to manage data effectively is growing. As McKinsey Gl... more >

  • Today, your enterprise may be generating, compiling, and analyzing massive amounts of data, much of it in the cloud. But are you gaining the full value of these efforts? Do you understand the implications of data analytics your company is collecting... more >

  • Human Capital is a company's most valuable asset. Human Resource professionals are increasingly called on to provide insight and best practices intended to improve workforce productivity, operational efficiency and the effectiveness of talent ma... more >

  • With the explosion of data and the competition for talent in today’s business environment, organizations are relying on human resource information technologies to help them provide strategic ways to achieve workforce optimization. The Human Re... more >

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