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Lasell University Newton , MA  
  • Effective human resources management is vital to an organization's success. Lasell's Human Resources Management concentration imparts critical learning and preparation, paving the way for graduates to recruit, train, and lead the workforces of the future. more >

  • All industries require a strong central lead to coordinate all the moving parts, assess and plan for risk, manage costs and stay to-do-date on technologies and operational strategies. Lasell's curriculum is focused on Why Lasell's M.S. in Project Managem... more >

  • Students will not only gain a strong knowledge of the impact of diet and nutrition on performance and well-being, but will also develop an entrepreneurial mindset and the confidence to advance their careers - whether within their current line of work or i... more >

  • The Master of Science in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations prepares students with the experience necessary to develop targeted messages, identify key audiences, and work with stakeholders and the media to effectively communicate a bra... more >

  • Master of Science in Sport Management: Parks and Recreation Students in the Parks and Recreation concentration gain dynamic preparation to serve as effective administrators and managers across both community recreation and park management programs and org... more >

  • "Through the study of major themes in sport, students in the Athletic Administration concentration gain specific training and preparation for successful futures as administrators in the varied segments and businesses in the industry. Gain the actionable k... more >

  • Whether the message is part of a larger marketing strategy or developed in response to an urgent need, every business or organization needs knowledgeable experts to craft and strategically communicate it to the public. In the Integrated Marketing Communic... more >

  • The Master in Management program provides rigorous preparation in business strategy, leadership, and financial management.  Students will graduate with foundational skills for career advancement across a wide range of industries, bettering themselves in t... more >

  • The Master of Science in Communication with a concentration in Health Communication provides students with an in-depth understanding of issues relating to public health, public policy, and organizational communications. You will be prepared to manage all... more >

  • Lasell's Master of Business Administration (MBA) program instills the skills, knowledge, and credentials you need to maximize your impact on your company's performance and advance your career -available fully online. Why Lasell's MBA? You can compl... more >

  • The Sport Leadership concentration provides the broadest foundation within the Sport Management program. Encompassing the skills of a traditional MBA and a specific focus on issues related to sports, coursework addresses everything from operations and fin... more >

  • Topics addressed in the Hospitality and Event Management concentration include managing diverse teams and complex revenue structures, delivering best-in-class service, and managing, and marketing effective brands. Lasell's M.S. in Hospitality and Event Ma... more >

  • At the local and especially the domestic level, violence has far-reaching effects that pertain to law and order, healthcare, and the family. Prevention, bringing perpetrators to justice, and caring for and protecting victims requires a wide range of skill... more >

  • There is robust opportunity to provide service to the sporting events and venues that generate big business, strongly impacting their communities and local economies. Whether your background is in hospitality, event management, marketing, or communication... more >

  • The ability to effectively plan for and respond to emergencies – including natural and man-made disasters, accidents, terror-related events, infrastructure failures, and other crises on a local or national scale – is vital in limiting the scope of damages... more >

  • The Master of Science in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Homeland Security and Global Justice prepares students to be able to handle threats to public security while giving them a foundation in terrorism studies, law and policy, and security. In... more >

  • The Master of Science in Criminal Justice: Self-Designed Option gives you the flexibility to design your own concentration, providing an opportunity to identify your passion and develop related expertise within the broad and relevant field of Criminal Jus... more >

  • Special Lasell's M.Ed. in Special Education/Moderate Disabilities (grades Pre-K-8) will prepare you to educate students with moderate disabilities in both inclusive general education classrooms and classrooms specifically created for students with learnin... more >

  • Lasell’s Master of Science in Rehabilitation Science program is designed for educators and registered, certified and/or licensed health and rehabilitation professionals interested in expanded roles in professional practice, administrationa, research and t... more >

  • The Certificate in Teaching Bilingual Learners with Disabilities provides post-baccalaureate students with the knowledge and skills in the Professional Standards for Teachers required by the state of Massachusetts to maintain their licensure requirements... more >

  • "The Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing at Lasell University increases your opportunities for career advancement and obtain higher-paying jobs. Earning this degree will provide you with everything you need to make a bigg... more >

  • The Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources at Lasell University allows you to combine the benefits of a business-focused MBA with a deeper immersion into Human Resources. The program will provide you with skills to crea... more >

  • The Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Project Management at Lasell University is designed to supplement the core business curriculum with a collection of courses that are essential to a leadership role in project management. Learn... more >

  • The Master of Science in Communication with a concentration in Negotiations and Conflict Resolution prepares students with applied theory in conflict, negotiation and mediation; practice of strategies for real-world situations; and coaching based on a per... more >

  • The Master of Science in Communications with a concentration in Digital Media prepares students to be effective in today’s changing media landscape through expertise in social media, digital storytelling, and data analytics. Using case studies and interac... more >

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