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Applied Ecopsychology Organic Ecotherapy Coaching

Natural System Thinking and Feeling



Program Information

Degrees Offered:

Applied Ecopsychology;Integrated Ecology;Organic Psychology;Nature-Connected Counseling, Education and Healing

Format: Online

Program Description:

Learn, online, the sensory science of thinking with the peace and sanity of our living planet. ....Google: Project NatureConnect.... Help nature's self-correcting ways flow through the psyche of Industrial Society. Green your education and profession. Add sustainability to your livelihood. Enjoy a full or part time career that helps increase personal, social and environmental well being. The integrity of our instruction-friendly courses and degrees empowers you to walk and teach nature's rewarding path to greater balance. ....Google: Project NatureConnect..... Benefit from our classmate-faculty support and friendship cooperative online. Guide and teach through ecological contact experiences with natural systems in people and natural areas. Guaranteed, grant funded and affordable, Ph.D., M.S. or B.S, degrees include your life experience and previous education. Learn through accredited, transferable, hands-on community courses and internships that enhance careers, global consciousness and human-environmental relationships. ...Google: Project NatureConnect.....


Our courses are USA accredited as part of Portland State University. Our Akamai and West Coast University twin degrees are globally approved UNESCO and UNO programs.

Facts & Figures

# of Credits Required: 50

Average Cost per Credit (Graduate): 65.00

In State Tuition (per year): 1500

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