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  • MA, Organizational Leadership

    The organizational leadership curriculum will support the development of scholar practitioners who will grow their organizations by incorporating various methods of strategic planning and forecasting, innovative change initiatives, organizational dia... more >

  • MBA, Not-for-Profit Management

    Managing a successful not-for-profit organization is very similar to managing a business. Concordia University Chicago’s MBA specialization in not-for-profit management addresses the unique attributes of a not-for-profit organization while prov... more >

  • MBA, Leadership and Change Management

    Were you born to lead? The current economic environment requires successful businesses to use resources creatively and effectively. There is an increasing need for leaders who can guide an organization in adapting to changing environments and consume... more >

  • MBA, Health Care Management

    If you are interested in advancing your career and obtaining a management position within a health care-related organization, an MBA specialization in health care management will help get you there. The health care industry continues to evolve and fa... more >

  • MBA, Digital Marketing

    The future of marketing is undeniably digital. Today's rapidly advancing technologies are transforming the business landscape in a way that requires a shift in the marketing paradigm. Marketing budgets are increasingly shifting from traditional m... more >

  • MBA, Chief School Business Official

    Concordia University Chicago provides a specialization in school business management with and without an Illinois Chief School Business Official (CSBO) Management endorsement. The information below is only for candidates who do not already have a gra... more >

  • MBA, Finance

    The study of finance is more global centric than ever. The financial crises of the last decade is a clarion call for MBA graduates who are ethical and possess the knowledge and skills to excel in financial decision making. Individuals with knowledge... more >

  • MBA, Accounting

    Whether you are looking to become a high-level executive at a corporation or an independent CPA, an MBA with a specialization in accounting from Concordia University Chicago opens up a myriad of career possibilities. You will gain the analytical and... more >

  • MBA

      What differentiates Concordia-Chicago’s MBA program? All of our courses integrate Four Pillars of Knowledge into the curriculum. By cultivating these essential principles in an academic setting, t... more >

  • PhD, Leadership and Gerontology

    The PhD and EdD programs in leadership and gerontology provide a multidisciplinary framework from which to respond to existing age-related questions, and intensive, in-depth training for those who want unique preparation for leadership roles for addr... more >

  • PhD, Leadership, Community Colleges

    According to the American Association of Community Colleges (2010), community colleges, like many other American institutions, are experiencing a leadership gap as many current leaders retire. Moreover, the leadership skills now required have widened... more >

  • PhD, Leadership, Organizational Leadership

    The organizational leadership specialization curriculum is both strategically focused and innovative, aligning contemporary leadership theory with today's best leadership practices. The coursework offers students the opportunity to identify and a... more >

  • PhD, Leadership, Higher Education

    The Concordia University Chicago Department of Leadership is at the forefront in providing educators with quality, relevant and current graduate education, which enhances the leadership of public and nonpublic teachers and administrators as they posi... more >

  • MA, Human Services Administration

    The Master of Arts in Human Service Administration degree program provides graduates with skills and expertise in the areas of leadership, management and direct quality service delivery to others. It addresses the needs of students interested in purs... more >

  • MA, Human Services

    The Master of Arts in Human Services from Concordia University Chicago is a generalist degree designed to provide a broad-based body of knowledge in related fields, with an emphasis in advocacy, gerontology, and psychology, in order to meet the expre... more >

  • MA, TESOL, International Practicum

    Concordia University Chicago's master of arts in TESOL is available both online and on campus and is designed for those who want to pursue a career teaching English to both adults and children. Graduates will be prepared to demonstrate competency... more >


    Concordia University Chicago's master of arts in TESOL is available both online and on campus and is designed for those who want to pursue a career teaching English to both adults and children. Graduates will be prepared to demonstrate competency... more >

  • MA, Gerontology

    The MA in gerontology program at Concordia University Chicago positions graduates to promote and contribute to the wellness of our aging population. It prepares graduates to work in a variety of aging-related careers. Additionally, this course of stu... more >

  • MA, Health Care Administration Leadership

    The curriculum in health care leadership is designed to prepare students for leadership positions in the health care industry. Students study leadership and administration, human resources, public policy, epidemiology, law and ethics in a health care... more >

  • MA, Knowledge Information Management Leadership

    The knowledge information management leadership curriculum will develop scholarly practitioners who will enhance their organizations by incorporating various methods of knowledge acquisition, application functionality, information analysis, strategic... more >

  • MA, Servant Leadership

    The servant leadership curriculum is designed to guide students toward a deeper understanding of the meaning of servant leadership in terms of being, knowing, and doing in education, business, religious and government settings. Core principles and th... more >

  • MA, Higher Education Leadership

    The higher education leadership curriculum encourages students to draw and build upon knowledge and experiences related to their professional work while also requiring students to develop strong research skills and a familiarity with evidence-based d... more >

  • MBA, School Business Management

    Concordia University Chicago's MBA with a specialization in school business management provides the business fundamentals needed to lead and manage in today’s increasingly complex educational institutions. This distinctive program is approp... more >

  • MBA, Sports Management

    Do you have a passion for sports? Turn that passion into an exciting career with an MBA in sports management from Concordia University Chicago! The sports industry in both the U.S. and globally is big business. With the sports industry often growing... more >