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Christian Leadership University Elma , NY  
  • This major offers a tri-fold focus of classes in arts, theology, philosophy and theory. The student is also encouraged to receive practicum credit for workshops, tours, and missions. The staff will encourage the ministry aspects of the arts; training th... more >

  • Jesus healed all who came to Him. It was a sign of God?s love and compassion as well as a sign which drew people to repentance and recognition of Jesus Christ as the Messiah. Miracles continue today for the same purposes. These courses will acquaint the... more >

  • The major in Ministry encompasses four objectives: 1) A working knowledge of the Bible. 2) An intimate relationship with Christ. Handling the Word of God without a relationship with God can be deadly. 3) A compassionate relationship with people. Our gen... more >

  • This major provides a depth of understanding and experience of prophetic ministries, training students in spiritual sensitivity, bringing them to maturity. more >

  • Our desire is to train up biblically-based, Spirit-anointed compassionate counselors who can discern the needs of the heart and usher in the grace of God to meet those needs; to train up people to counsel using the techniques and skills which Jesus Chri... more >

  • The purpose of a major in Missions and Evangelism is to equip our students with the strategic tools of intercession, spiritual warfare, and cross-cultural evangelism. We will discuss the desire of our Lord Jesus Christ for recruiting, training, and mobi... more >

  • The student will learn the principles of biblical leadership, including, servant leadership, Spirit-anointed leadership, and how to manage others. Leadership is automatically transferred to those who remain optimistic. more >

  • The purpose of this major is to acquaint you with the Bible, in such a way that it gives you insight on how to effectively live your life. You will be trained how to allow the Holy Spirit, Who is the Author of the Scriptures, to illumine them once again... more >

  • This major is designed to release the creative flow of the Holy Spirit within the student in and through business. All aspects of business development and management skills will be addressed. Business will be seen as a ministry, and the vision of creati... more >

  • Our goal is to train up intercessors who have an understanding and experience of various models of prayer, the place and role of intercession, and a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit as He leads in the intercessory process. more >

  • Completing this school will help you achieve a life of worship and equip you to be a leader of worship. These courses will give you the knowledge and experience to lead worship effectively in light of the changing paradigm of worship that is occurring. more >

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