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Master of Arts in Communications

Format: Online

Program Description:

The Master of Arts in Communication (MAC) equips students with critical thinking and professional practice skills including social media strategies while challenging them to integrate biblical thought with contemporary communication theories and concepts. Graduates of the Master of Arts in Communication online degree program will exhibit creativity, confidence, and competence as they research, plan, and evaluate communication practices.

The demand for highly skilled, master's level communication practitioners, directors, and leaders who possess superb research and communication skills continues to grow. CBU Online trains and educates professionals who wish to join or advance in this expanding field by providing them with an excellent learning experience that is innovative and interactive. Network with other professionals, gain practical and applicable experience, and apply theoretical concepts to real world situations all while earning a communications degree online.

The discipline of communication is not only necessary; it is foundational to today’s growing businesses, non-profits, and organizations. Communication practitioners who hold a master's degree are well-educated in social media and communication theories. They communicate with credibility, relevance, and impact and are standard bearers of ethical communications. They are champions of accuracy, truth, and integrity as they lead the field.

Consistently, business leaders have identified that potential employees must have effective communication skills and be able to work collaboratively with people of diverse backgrounds.  A communication degree offers a wide variety of career opportunities in the areas of business management, public health communication, community relations, government, public affairs, international trade, conflict mediation, advertising and market research, foreign service, teaching, and law. A master's degree in communications allows individuals to have a competitive advantage and stand out in the marketplace by exhibiting skills that can only be learned through studying communications at the graduate level.

Consistent with the University student outcomes, upon completion of the Master of Arts in Communication degree, graduates will be able to:

  1. Apply critical thinking and biblical thought in written and verbal communication.
  2. Communicate effectively using traditional and social media.
  3. Research and evaluate various components of communication to determine the success and the modifications needed to accomplish effect communication.
  4. Evaluate the history and theories of communication.
  5. Analyze and synthesize, social, ethical, and legal communication practices.
  6. Analyze industry standards of communication in mass media including media effects.
  7. Synthesize rhetoric and critique rhetorical theories
  8. Identify and analyze communication theories related to interpersonal communication.
  9. Demonstrate an understanding and synthesis of international communication including diereses cultural perspectives and norms of various cultures in this age of globalization.
  10. Effectively present orally and in writing.


Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges

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Classification: Higher Education Institution (Not Carnegie Classified)

Size & Settings: 3,000-5,999

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