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Biblical Counseling


1700 Wade Hampton Blvd

Greenville, SC 29614

United States

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Biblical Counseling

Format: Online

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Our master of arts program in biblical counseling gives you a broad look at counseling and psychology from a thoroughly biblical perspective. Theology courses will help you examine God’s truth so you’ll be able to judge secular and Christian psychological theories objectively. You will gain a clear understanding of the sufficiency-of-Scripture model of counseling. You’ll study important topics in counseling such as finances, marriage and children; overcoming addictions; and managing the grief from a major loss in life. Most importantly, you’ll learn how God’s truth offers hope and how you can apply it in ministry to others. Biblical counseling recognizes that living in a fallen world as fallen human beings introduces great suffering and challenge to life—even for those who have been redeemed from the eternal penalty of sin by the saving work of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross. Biblical counseling also recognizes that the problems of living can be very complex and that many problems do, indeed, have a genuine physical component and may not be due to personal sin. Where a physical component is suspected, the biblical counselor welcomes competent medical help to diagnose and treat genuine organic etiology (i.e., brain trauma, endocrine malfunction, tumor, disease, infection, etc.). Biblical counseling further recognizes that the human heart, when interpreting and responding to the hurts and hardships of life has a propensity to forsake the wisdom of the Scriptures and the help of the body of Christ and to rely upon its own understanding and upon the wisdom of man, thus compounding the believer’s difficulties. Biblical counselors affirm that in the midst of these trials, God’s path to lasting joy and peace, and to the love for God and others that constitutes biblical healing and maturity, is found only in the believer’s growth in the gospel. This growth is centered on a relationship with, commitment to, dependence upon, and imitation of Jesus Christ, and is the answer to every spiritual challenge that believers face in life. Biblical counselors recognize that they participate in similar spiritual struggles as those they counsel, and therefore, see themselves as fellow-disciples of Jesus Christ who, through a Spirit-enabled ministry of God’s sufficient Word, compassionately assist other believers in their progressive sanctification towards greater Christlikeness in the midst of their trials for the glory of God.


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Classification: Higher Education Institution (Not Carnegie Classified)

Locale: Small City

Size & Settings: 3,000-5,999

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