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Program Information

Degrees Offered:

M.A.- Transpersonal Psychology

Format: Online

Program Description:

The founding principle of the Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology is the recognition of the existence of a dimension to human nature greater than the individual. The basic premise is that connecting with this larger part of one’s self is instrumental in creativity, health, and full human potential. Therefore, the graduate level distance education curriculum in the Master’s program has always focused on the nature of humanity, the nature of the universe, the nature of reality, and holistic living. This principle is expressed through twin goals. The program encourages students to test personally and to apply these core concepts in order to grow toward integration of body, mind, and spirit. The program also encourages students to transform the growth they experience into profound service to others.

This unique experience is available to those seeking personal growth and enrichment through for-credit Master’s level instruction. The academic program is designed to be an innovative learning experience that may augment various professional career paths. The educational program requires students to synthesize ideas from several research and academic sources.


General Studies

The General Studies specialization offers the most flexibility for the Master’s degree student who prefers to sample a wide variety of courses. Many students select to leave their options open as they progress through the program. This pathway allows a student to create a unique mix of classes once the required core courses are completed.

Applied Spirituality

In choosing this specialization, the student is engaging in work, which will be used to benefit not just the learner, but all those who cross their path. This specialization is designed for students who want to develop a set of skills that relate to using bodymind-spirit principles in practical applications in their community.


This specialization is appropriate for students interested in delving deeper into the awareness, perception, and psychology of human consciousness as it relates to transpersonal studies. These courses are intriguing and useful in preparing the student for understanding mythology and symbols, theories of hypnosis, and other aspects of consciousness.


The purpose of this specialization is to guide students who wish to explore their creative nature in a focused, conscious manner through the visual arts, writing, or other forms of creative expression within a body-mind-spirit context. Conscious creative expression is a powerful tool for personal transformation. This tool can be explored and utilized by individuals, no matter what level of artistic or creative background they possess.

Leadership and Conflict Transformation

This specialization is designed for students who seek to develop skills in personal leadership and conflict transformation from a transpersonal perspective. Through this specialization, students will fine tune their ability to become effective leaders both in their workplace and community.

Graduate Certificate in Regression Hypnosis is also available. 


Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC)

Facts & Figures

Financial Aid: Yes

International Financial Aid: No

# of Credits Required: 36-39

Average Cost per Credit (Graduate): $516 USD

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