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Akamai University Hilo , HI  
  • Advanced study in business administration provides an effective path to advancement for working executives, nonprofit managers, and professional businessmen and businesswomen. Akamai University has committed to the development of business professionals... more >

  • Fully external and mentored graduate programs in Economic Development(including emphases in Economics of sustainable development, Natural resource and environmental economics, Antipoverty and community action programs, Productivity and economic growth,... more >

  • Energy Medicine is at once rooted in indigenous cultural wisdom traditions and the theories and pragmatics of contemporary medical technology and physics. Energy medicine includes the fields of acupuncture, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, ayervedic medic... more >

  • The principles of transpersonal psychology, when applied to other endeavors, can greatly improve the effectiveness of practitioners in a wide array of fields. This is especially true in the fields of mental and physical health, intentional healing, orga... more >

  • The studies offered through the Akamai University Master of Public Health (MPH) Program can help students prepare for numerous career fields including health research, public health administration, health safety management, occupational and industrial... more >

  • To address these challenges and other vital community and economic issues confronting the human community, this program prepares the participants in the fundamentals and advanced principles of community and economic development and economic recovery. In... more >

  • Applied Psychology can address the special needs of the human family that have emerged in contemporary culture, as well as areas of time honored concern that are resurfacing in modern times. This program will present students with the findings of contem... more >

  • To assure maximum applicability, Akamai’s Sustainability Studies Program is interdisciplinary and individualized, permitting participants to pursue studies and research that cross the fields of applied psychology and human services, business and econo... more >

  • Programs of the Center for Business and Economic Development are conducted through mentorship, external projects and guided independent study, allowing mid-career adults to retain their professionaland family responsibilities. more >

  • Fully external mentored graduate programs in business administration. more >

  • Complementary Medicine includes study covering the health systems ancient and modern; from the East, West and in between; ranging from herbal medical practises to energy medicine, homeopathy, body-work and manipulative therapies; mind-body practises, en... more >

  • Peace, Diplomacy and International Relations provides essential cross-disciplinary studies in diplomacy, international relations, peace, human rights, international political studies, international legal studies, anti-terrorism studies, cultural philoso... more >

  • The field of Applied Ecopsychology researches and initiates practical self-guiding methods and materials. These tools enable the prospective applied ecopsychologist to learn, use, and teach the nature-reconnecting process in the personal, professional... more >

  • Alternative graduate school with advanced programs conducted through mentorship,external projects and guided independent study. Programs emphasize International Business, International Economics, Trade and Treaties, Multinational Corporations, Internati... more >

  • Fully external and mentored graduate programs in Economic Development(including emphases in Economics of sustainable development, Natural resource and... more >

  • Fully external and distance learning graduate programs in eCommerce to address the special needs of practitioners in the fields of management, marketing, education, and the nonprofit sector. more >

  • Fully external and mentored graduate programs in International Commerce Programs emphasize Nonprofit administration, public administration, public finance, Public policy and policy analysis),entrepreneurial studies, and small business management... more >

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