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Minimum Requirements for the Master’s Degree A. The MA in Spanish consists of 7 core courses, 4 elective courses, 2 semesters of SPAN 6920 for a total of 46 hours. B. All new Teaching Associates must take 6920 (Problems in Teaching College Spanish) during the first two semesters (1 cr. per semester). C. Comprehensive written and oral examinations in the major language are required. These examinations are based on course work and the M.A. Reading List, which is available on line in the Spanish Graduate Handbook. The usual time required to meet the course requirements for the M.A. is two academic years. Advanced courses in the department are not always offered during the summer. Specific requirements in Spanish: The Spanish M.A. is awarded after successful completion of a minimum of 11 courses, one of which must be a seminar. Every student must fulfill a seven-course “core” requirement consisting of the following: * 2 Peninsular Spanish content courses * 2 Latin America content courses * 2 Spanish linguistics courses * SPAN 5640 – Teaching Spanish Duties and Stipends of Teaching and Graduate Associates A student on graduate stipend may be assigned classroom teaching, FLES teaching or language lab duties. It is expected that students on graduate stipends provide a minimum of 15 hours of service to the department per week. Duties: Teaching associates teach one beginning language course (4 credit hours) per term. In addition to the 4 hours spent in the classroom, the teaching associate must also devote time to class preparation and grading under the guidance of the first-year language coordinator. Each associate is expected to establish regular office hours for advising students. The total amount of time involved in teaching is estimated to be 15 hours a week. If, for any reason, the associate cannot meet his/her class, the first-year coordinator must be notified before the class is to meet. Refer to the Spanish Graduate Student Handbook for details about tutoring for pay. Associates will receive a stipend, plus a full scholarship for the academic year and for the summer term immediately preceding and following the year of the appointment. The stipend is for approximately eight months. All students are responsible for paying a general fee each term and student health insurance. (If the student is already covered by a health insurance policy, proof must be provided to the cashier at O.U.). The university also charges a Technology fee each term. Career Opportunities Information Students are encouraged to discuss career goals with their graduate adviser or other members of the language staff as soon as they begin their studies. It is also helpful to visit Career Services in Baker Center where multiple data bases are available with job listings, and other materials. Students are also encouraged to participate in the TEFL programs offered in Sevilla, Spain and Cuenca, Ecuador (see study abroad options). Many countries offer positions in this field, especially for people who are proficient in the native language. Industry, business, banking, and travel need employees who not only speak and write foreign languages, but are also knowledgeable about the lives and cultures of the people who communicate in the language. Students wishing to teach are well advised to acquire a good knowledge of a second foreign language. Course Load All graduate teaching associates must take 3 graduate courses (minimum) per semester, in addition to 6920, which is required of first-year teaching associates. The maximum number of credits covered by the scholarship is 18. Students are encouraged to take a second language (3-4 cr. each semester) during their second year. Courses The Spanish Section attempts to offer a course or a seminar on all major periods during a two-year period. Each semester there will be at least one course offered in each of: Hispanic Linguistics, Peninsular focus, Latin American focus. There are also courses with the prefix ML that can be chosen.


Ohio University is a public university. Working towards the Ohio teaching licensure (for those interested in teaching at the high school level) is possible in addition to the masters program. A graduate certificate in TEFL is also available.

International Student Requirements:

International students must pass the TOEFL with an equivalent score of 550 or above and the Test of Spoken English before they can receive financial support from Ohio University. This test must be taken first in their country of origin and the results sent to the Graduate College. Failure to pass this test means that the student cannot receive financial support.

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Financial Aid: Yes

International Financial Aid: Yes

Classification: Doctoral/Research University—Extensive

Loans Offered: All students are encouraged to apply for financial assistance when they apply for admission. Federal, state, University scholarship programs, and payment options are available.

Locale: Fringe Rural Area

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