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Graduate Programs in Cleveland OHDo you love Lebron James so much that you want to get your Graduate Degree in Cleveland Ohio? Cleveland is also home to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the Cleveland Indians MLB baseball team, Cleveland Browns NFL football, and Cleveland Cavaliers NBA. But just where did the name come from? The city was actually founded by Gen. Moses Cleaveland in 1796 as part of the "Connecticut Western Reserve". Cleveland sits on on the banks of Lake Erie and comprises 78 square miles. The average daily temperatures in Cleveland are 24.8°F in January and 71.9°F in July, ideal to enjoy the lake! Besides Lake Erie, Cleveland has many parks and attractions including the notable historic Rockefeller Park, famous for its Cultural Gardens and late-19th century historical landmark bridges.

Cleveland has a population of 390,928 as of 2013. Only 14.9% of the population 25 or over have a Bachelor's or higher degree so you can stand out with your new graduate degree. The median age in 2013 was 36.3 years of age and the median family household income was $26,217. Notable Cleveland universities are: Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Institute of Art, the Cleveland Institute of Music and Cleveland State University. There are 126 four year degree colleges in Ohio and 89 two year degree colleges.

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