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Going to Grad School in Cincinnati

Graduate schools in Cincinnati put you right in the heart of a picturesque city packed with the resources you need to prepare for the next phase of your life. As the third largest city in Ohio, Cincinnati is not too big to get acquainted with and offers plenty of accredited graduate school programs to choose from.

Popular Grad Schools and Programs in Cincinnati

Check out these sponsored graduate programs in and near Cincinnati.

Facts About Cincinnati

If you’re considering graduate programs in Cincinnati, you’ll be in good company since Cincinnati’s population was estimated at 298,800 in 2016.

33.8% of residents over 25 earned a bachelor’s degree, or higher. And as of 2012, the total number of business firms in the city was 26,855.

Cincinnati Climate

Yes, Cincinnati can be quite cold in the winter, potentially receiving its fair share of snowfall. (All the better for curling up and studying for your graduate courses!)

But in spring and summer, it warms up significantly. You’ll see rainy, humid days but also hot, sunny ones—perfect for exploring the city and enjoying the many nature areas outside its urban bounds.

Fun Fact

Cincinnati was one of only a few American cities the British author Charles Dickens admired—he especially appreciated it in springtime for its beauty and liveliness.

Studying History in Cincinnati

Attention history majors: Cincinnati played an important role in our nation’s development. First inhabited by the Shawnee people, the Cincinnati region grew rapidly before the Civil War, as German and Irish immigrants packed in.

The city quickly became known for its bustling river commerce. In 1811, the first steamboat west of the Allegheny Mountains arrived in Cincinnati from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Did You Know?

For a while, this Ohio city was known by the unfortunate nickname, “Porkopolis,” due to its reputation as a pork-packing hub.

Today, Cincinnati’s economy is mostly made up of service industries, like retail, government, and education. The city’s manufacturers make everything from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics.

And, echoing its steamboat days, Cincinnati is still a major national transportation center. It contains one of the country’s largest inland coal ports, as well as an international airport that makes arriving in Cincinnati a breeze—or arriving in Kentucky to be more exact, as the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport is just south of the city, over the Ohio River.

Industry aside, Cincinnati plays an important role in abolitionist history. Famous abolitionists Henry Ward Beecher and Levi Coffin lived here, and the city served as an important stop on the underground railroad. You can visit the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center if you want to learn more.

Culture and Education in Cincinnati

Whether you’re into food, the arts, or exploring educational museums and attractions, Cincinnati is an awesome city for grad students. Cincinnati Museum Center features museums of history, natural history, and science. If you’re an art buff, The Cincinnati Art Museum and Taft Museum of Art are worth checking out for their noteworthy collections.

Don’t forget to try this city’s famous chili. Cincinnati-style chili is traditionally served over a bed of spaghetti, with cheese on top; this is called three-way chili for its three components. (Add onions and it’s a four-way; and so on.) Skyline Chili is a popular spot to taste some; they have loactions around the city.

You’ll also find some venerable educational institutions in this city, including the University of Cincinnati (founded in 1819), Xavier University (1831), and the Athenaeum of Ohio, a seminary founded in 1829. The Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion, which is the oldest rabbinic college in the United States, also calls Cincinnati home.


The Cincinnati Opera is the second oldest opera company in the country. It was founded in 1920.

The Cincinnati Sports Scene

Of course, pursuing your studies at a graduate school near Cincinnati means working hard. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take a break to catch a game. Cincinnati is a city of sports-lovers, and you’ll fit right in if you love the crack of a bat or the roar of enthusiastic football fans.

In 2003, The Great American Ball Park opened its doors. Home to the Cincinnati Reds (the oldest pro baseball team in the U.S.), this stadium was built to look like ballparks of the early 20th century. And just down the river is Cincinnati’s Paul Brown Stadium, home to the Bengals.

Finding Graduate Schools in Greater Cincinnati’s Regions

A sprawling metropolitan area with tons to do, Cincinnati has many locales to explore. So, let’s get to know the areas where you could live, play, and study.

Downtown Cincinnati – The urban center of Cincinnati, this region begins on the north bank of the Ohio River. It’s home to top museums, The Cincinnati Cyclones hockey team, and plenty of enticing activities and restaurants.

Uptown – The uptown region boasts vibrant culture and the renowned Cincinnati Zoo. And, don’t forget to catch a soccer match at Nippert Stadium on the campus of University of Cincinnati.

North – The north suburbs of Cincinnati contain parks, beautiful nature reserves, and plenty of malls and shopping centers – perfect for escaping the bustle of the city.

South – South of the city (across the Ohio River) is Northern Kentucky. That’s where you’ll find the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG), along with plenty of opportunities for culture and outdoor activities.

East – Following the river east, the Greater Cincinnati area extends deeper into Ohio. Here, you’ll find the Cincinnati Municipal Lunken Airport, as well as Stonelick State Park and other sites of natural and historical significance.

West – Head west of downtown, and you’ll reach Indiana. Beautiful forests, lakes, and more than a few golf courses greet you when you’re ready to leave the busy city.

Pursue Your Graduate Degree from a Home Base in One of Cincinnati’s Neighborhoods

Cincinnati is home to 52 distinct neighborhoods. Some of them have even been shaped by the very institutions of higher education you may be considering for grad school. Let’s explore just a few of these unique places to live and potentially study:

Mount Adams – Surrounded by beautiful Eden Park, Mt. Adams is an oasis from the busy city. It features museums, churches, and residences.

Over-the-Rhine – Founded by German immigrants, this neighborhood has a working-class past. It’s home to important historical architecture and arts institutions, including the Art Academy of Cincinnati, a four-year arts college.

Queensgate – This historical neighborhood was an important site for industry and commercial warehouses. Today, it’s especially worth visiting for the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal.

Oakley – Named for famous resident Annie Oakley, this neighborhood is beloved by young professionals. It’s home to a pedestrian-friendly business district with public transit.

Mount Auburn – This historic district is packed with mansions in a variety of architectural styles. The neighborhood is also home to several schools, including God’s Bible School and College. President William Howard Taft was a former resident.

Clifton – This neighborhood was annexed by the University of Cincinnati in 1893. It’s also home to Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion. In addition to institutes of higher education, the area hosts independent shops and a movie theatre showing films beyond the mainstream.

Colleges and Graduate Schools in Cincinnati

The state of Ohio is home to 14 public universities with 24 regional branch campuses. These public schools serve over 600,000 learners, including grad students. In addition, Ohio boasts many private colleges and universities, including out-of-state schools with campuses in Ohio.

Cincinnati itself is a bustling hub of higher education with many public universities, religiously-affiliated schools, and other paths to pursuing their educational goals. Whether you’re interested in pursuing a master’s program, earning a PhD, or something else, you can look for it in Cincinnati.

Here are a few sponsored graduate schools that call Cincinnati home.

1. University of Cincinnati

2. Mount St. Joseph University

3. Xavier University

4. Art Academy of Cincinnati

5. Cincinnati Christian University

Pursue Graduate Religion Programs in Cincinnati

Cincinnati is not just home to scores of churches, synagogues, and other places of worship. It’s also a city of many religiously-affiliated educational institutions. Whether you’re interested in studying church history, general religious studies, a Jewish rabbinical program, or something else, you can find it here.

Some of our sponsored listings for graduate religion programs in Cincinnati include:

  • Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion Rabbinic Program
  • Athenaeum of Ohio Biblical Studies Graduate Program
  • Mount St. Joseph University Master of Arts in Religious Studies
  • Xavier University Master of Arts in Theology Program
  • Cincinnati Christian University Master of Divinity Program

These programs may involve studying the history of religion, or else preparing to potentially lead others in pursuit of religious understanding. And, given Cincinnati’s diverse takes on religion, from the nearby Creation Museum to the Islamic Center of Cincinnati, could there be a more perfect place to probe life’s most compelling questions?

Find Graduate Math Programs in Cincinnati

Cincinnati is built by mathematical thinkers, from all-important math teachers to the engineers who designed the canals that helped put this city on the map. If you’re interested in math graduate programs in Cincinnati, your next question should be, which one?

You might pursue a graduate Mathematics Education program at Xavier University, potentially preparing to teach the next generation. Northern Kentucky University, which is located just seven miles southeast of Cincinnati, offers a Master of Accountancy Program.

And Miami University, located less than an hour from Cincinnati in Oxford, Ohio, offers graduate programs in Mathematics, Economics, Accountancy, and other math-centric fields.

Unleash Your Creativity with Graduate Arts Programs in Cincinnati

Cincinnati may not be as well-known as its artsy bookends, New York and Chicago. However, it has a thriving arts scene, with sources of inspiration around every corner.

As a student attending grad school in Cincinnati, you may have theatre, music, and awesome art museums close at hand. You could also have many creative paths to explore, such as preparing to teach the arts.

Here are just a few of our sponsored programs worth checking out:

  • Art Academy of Cincinnati Master of Arts in Art Education (MAAE)
  • Union Institute and University Master of Arts – Creativity Studies
  • Union Institute and University Master of Arts in Literature and Writing
  • University of Cincinnati Graduate Program in Theatre Design and Production
  • University of Cincinnati Graduate Program in Music

Explore Counseling Graduate Programs in Cincinnati

Let your compassion and desire to help others lead you to Cincinnati. This city may be the ideal place to pursue a graduate education in counseling, psychology, or a related field. You might be able to pursue a doctorate degree in clinical psychology, a master’s degree in school counseling, or another program designed to help you launch your new career goals.

Check out these sponsored listings for counseling graduate programs near Cincinnati, or in the surrounding area:

  • University of Cincinnati Graduate Certificate in Behavior Analysis
  • Xavier University Graduate Program in Agency and Community Counseling
  • Miami University Graduate Program in School Psychology
  • Union Institute and University MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • Union Institute and University Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology – Doctorate

Search for Graduate Schools in Cincinnati

Explore our sponsored listings for graduate schools in Cincinnati, or nearby. You can also surf specific graduate programs in Cincinnati using our navigation tools. If you see a program that looks perfect for you, don’t forget to request info from the school to begin planning your higher education goals.

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