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University of Rochester Rochester , NY  
  • The Ph.D. program in political science at Rochester is designed to train scholars who will contribute to the future development of political science through careers in teaching and research. The program emphasizes the building and testing of descriptive... more >

  • Research in the department falls into two broad categories: solid mechanics-materials science and fluid mechanics-plasma physics. Much of this work is interdisciplinary and takes advantage of links between the Mechanical Engineering Department and the L... more >

  • The Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) incorporates the MD and PhD degrees into a cohesive curriculum... more >

  • There is an RN to BS to MS program for RNs with associate degrees who wish to become nurse practitioners. For RNs with a BS degree: Nurse practitioner specialties include Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (cardiopulmonary, critical care), Adult Nurse Practi... more >

  • Program leads to a rewarding career in the biomedical sciences with opportunities in academia, industry, and government. more >

  • Perform cutting-edge research on topics including organism function and development, disease models, stem cell biology... more >

  • Marriage and Family Therapy

    Clinical training will be with a diverse client population. Students will participate in live family therapy supervision, where families are seen by students under supervision of an Approved Supervisor in marriage and family therapy... more >

  • Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities(LEND), for graduate/postgraduate students in an interdisciplinary environment, funded by the M... more >

  • Study cellular and integrative biology as a basis for understanding disease and developing therapeutics. more >

  • At Warner, theory and practice are deeply and inseparably intertwined. The active participation of Teaching & Curriculum faculty members in school-based research and reform projects, and the deepening portfolio of their sponsored-research projects, prov... more >

  • Our graduate program emphasizes the development of research skills. Typically, students begin research in their first semester by working with a facul... more >

  • Teach and conduct independent research in organization and delivery of health care and analysis of health practices/policies. more >

  • Our graduate program emphasizes the development of research skills. Typically, students begin research in their first semester by working with a facul... more >

  • Department of Biology - Master

    The Department of Biology offers Ph.D. degrees in the areas of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, Genetics and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. more >

  • Educational and research programs in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences are integrated, allowing undergraduate and graduate students to conduct research in all phases of their studies in geochemistry, paleomagnetism, structural geology a... more >

  • Clinical Investigation

    Training prepares clinician-scientists to carry out patient-based research in the development of interventions and technologies to ensure the highest levels of patient safety and quality of care. ... more >

  • Epidemiology

    The curriculum emphasizes the sequential process of reasoning that is inherent to the discipline of Epidemiology... more >

  • The goal of this program is to train the next generation of leaders in biomanufacturing and drug development. more >

  • The Biomedical Engineering Department at the University of Rochester brings together the technical expertise of our Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences with the clinical experience of our University of Rochester Medical Center to establi... more >

  • Students in the graduate program in Spanish/Hispanic Culture can select courses from areas such as culture, literature, critical theory, Hispanic ling... more >

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