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Why Consider Unification Theological Seminary?

Unification Theological Seminary is a , , located in a Barrytown setting in Barrytown,NY They offer the following awards: Master's Degree, Doctor's Degree - Professional Practice

General Information

  • Special Learning Opportunities: Grad Distance

Faculty And Graduate Assistants By Primary FunctionFull-TimePart-Time
Total Faculty 14 21
 Instructional 0 0
 Research and public service 0 -
Total Graduate Assistants - -
 Instructional 4 -
 Research 0 -

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Services and Programs for Service Members and Veterans

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Enrollment, Attendance, Retention Rates and Graduation

Unification Theological Seminary has a total graduate enrollment of 109
Graduate attendance rate of 44% part-time and 56% full-time
For the years 2016-2017 Unification Theological Seminary awarded: 12 master's degree, 5 doctor's degree - professional practice

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