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Liberal Studies


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Liberal Studies

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Unlike traditional graduate programs, liberal studies programs are neither research oriented nor practice oriented, and are not designed to satisfy narrow professional requirements related to a particular position in the world of work. Rather, liberal studies programs are multidisciplinary, designed to allow students to learn more about themselves and the world, to explore new areas of knowledge and ways of thinking, to discover the unexpected, to share new perspectives. These outcomes are valued by a broad spectrum of employers who seek creative and inquisitive minds, an ability to apply different methodologies to problem solving, an understanding of the increasingly interdisciplinary nature of knowledge, effective communication skills, and a familiarity with diverse culture and thought. Since the 30-credit Liberal Studies program is tailored to meet each student’s personal and professional goals, specific required courses vary from student to student. However, for all students, the curriculum ensures a multidisciplinary education. Three required seminars (one each from arts and humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences) utilize perspectives that go beyond the seminar’s central disciplinary focus (e.g., a humanities seminar that is primarily a literature course may require reflections from the disciplines of philosophy, political science or sociology). In addition, 18 credits of elective courses reflect a programmatic theme or focus that satisfies the student’s educational professional goals. The program culminates with a project portfolio requirement that includes both a reflective component and a knowledge application component. Given its nature, the program draws upon the best faculty from across the college to teach its required courses. All are experts in their disciplines, and all are truly capable of teaching from the multidisciplinary perspective that is the hallmark of a graduate Liberal Studies education at The College at Brockport.


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