Rochester Institute of Technology: Rochester, New York

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Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester , NY  
  • The Master of Science Program in Industrial and Systems Engineering (MSISE) provides an applied research degree in which students focus in one area of IE and complete a thesis in that area. more >

  • The master of engineering in mechanical engineering is a 30 semester credit hour degree program and is intended to be a terminal degree program designed for those who do not expect to pursue a doctoral degree but are expected to be a leader within the... more >

  • The master of science in management is a specialized program designed to provide students with the knowledge and problem-solving skills needed to function effectively in a variety of management positions in complex organizations that are impacted by... more >

  • This program provides training in the biomedical sciences, the principles of visual communication & a variety of digital media. more >

  • The MS degree in packaging science is designed to meet the needs of professionals who are employed in the field or students who wish to pursue a graduate program immediately upon earning a bachelor's degree. more >

  • The changing landscape of people’s everyday interactions has blurred the lines between respected design fields giving designers new responsibilities to shape experiences. more >

  • As interactive technologies advance, the ways in which we communicate change—and the importance of enhancing the communication experience within electronic environments increases. more >

  • he MS program in astrophysical sciences and technology focuses on the underlying physics of phenomena beyond the Earth. more >

  • The program is designed to fill the needs of the traditional student or the practicing chemist who is employed full time and wishes to pursue a graduate degree on a part-time basis. more >

  • The Department of Criminal Justice offers an innovative Master of Science degree that emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach to urban studies which emphasizes public safety. more >

  • A project-oriented program, requiring research into design methods and technologies. more >

  • The Internet has brought a new kind of democracy where all information is created equal. No longer the sole province of experts and the traditional media, it has become grassroots, viral, and global. more >

  • This graduate certificate is a training program for artists/ printmakers and printmaking teachers with undergraduate or graduate qualifications in art who want to gain a comprehensive working knowledge of non-toxic intaglio printmaking techniques. more >

  • This use-inspired basic research degree is designed to produce independent scholars and well-prepared educators. more >

  • The master of science in finance program is designed to prepare students for managerial careers in corporate finance, investment analysis and portfolio management, financial consulting, and financial institutions. more >

  • The studio program provides intensive study in painting, printmaking, and sculpture, leading to mastery in the field. more >

  • The MS in game design and development defines a program that allows students to explore the entertainment technology landscape... more >

  • The MFA in glass is a two-year program of study that develops students personal creative voice through intensive research, discussion, critique, and experimentation. more >

  • This program teaches students how to plan, develop, and implement successful projects from initiation to completion. more >

  • The ideas of applied mathematics pervade several applications in a variety of businesses and industries, as well as government. more >

  • The Master of Science in Communication & Media Technologies (CMT) is an interdisciplinary program that combines Liberal Arts courses in communication with classes in an applied or professional area such as marketing, health systems administration,... more >

  • The master of science in electrical engineering allows students to customize their course work while working closely with electrical engineering faculty in a contemporary, applied research area. more >

  • Statistics is the science of making decisions in the face of uncertainty. more >

  • .Habitat loss, global climate change, water and air pollution, ozone depletion, species invasions, loss of biodiversity, and the accumulation of toxic wastes are among the many environmental dilemmas our society faces. more >

  • The MS degree in secondary education of students who are deaf or hard of hearing prepares students to meet the national need... more >

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