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  • Materials Science Advanced Certificate

    The advanced certificate in materials science is specially designed to establish a common base of materials-oriented knowledge for students with baccalaureate degrees in chemistry, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering,... more >

  • Color Science, PhD

    Students have the opportunity to address problems in the measurement, production, formulation, reproduction, and perception. more >

  • Visual Arts–All Grades (Art Education) MST

    The MST in visual arts–all grades (art education) leads to initial/professional New York state certification in visual arts for grades K through 12. more >

  • Software Engineering, MS

    This program is for professionals with a formal background in software engineering, computer science, or computer engineering. more >

  • Sustainability, Ph.D.

    The Ph.D. program focuses on sustainable production systems — systems that create goods and services using processes that are: non-polluting; conserving of energy and natural resources; economically viable; and safe and healthful for workers, communities,... more >

  • Accounting, MBA

    The MBA - Accounting program fills New York State Certified Public Accounting requirement. more >

  • Sustainable Systems, MS

    The MS degree in sustainable systems focuses on sustainable production systems. more >

  • Professional Studies, MS

    The professional studies program is specifically designed to enable students to create an individualized plan of graduate study tailored to their personal and professional goals. more >

  • Networking and System Administration, MS

    The MS in networking and system administration provides the knowledge and technical skills in network environments. more >

  • Hospitality and Tourism Management, MS

    Graduates of the MS program in hospitality-tourism management are well prepared to step into numerous mid-level service management and training director positions. more >

  • Computing Security, MS

    The number of computer-based crimes reported against the information and economic infrastructure of our society continues to increase. more >

  • Business Administration–Executive MBA

    The executive MBA is an integrated, 15-month, cohort-based program designed to develop future leaders and general managers in organizations serious about improving customer satisfaction, product quality, and organizational success. more >

  • Electrical Engineering, MS

    The master of science in electrical engineering allows students to customize their course work while working closely with electrical engineering faculty in a contemporary, applied research area. more >

  • Communication and Media Technologies, MS

    The Master of Science in Communication & Media Technologies (CMT) is an interdisciplinary program that combines Liberal Arts courses in communication with classes in an applied or professional area such as marketing, health systems administration,... more >

  • Applied and Computational Mathematics, MS

    The ideas of applied mathematics pervade several applications in a variety of businesses and industries, as well as government. more >

  • Project Management Advanced Certificate

    This program teaches students how to plan, develop, and implement successful projects from initiation to completion. more >

  • Health Care Interpretation, MS

    The master of science degree program in health care interpretation (MSHCI) is designed to meet the demands of nationally certified sign language interpreters desiring a master’s degree specific to working in health care environments. more >

  • Glass, MFA

    The MFA in glass is a two-year program of study that develops students personal creative voice through intensive research, discussion, critique, and experimentation. more >

  • Game Design and Development, MS

    The MS in game design and development defines a program that allows students to explore the entertainment technology landscape... more >

  • Fine Arts Studio, MFA

    The studio program provides intensive study in painting, printmaking, and sculpture, leading to mastery in the field. more >

  • Finance, MS

    The master of science in finance program is designed to prepare students for managerial careers in corporate finance, investment analysis and portfolio management, financial consulting, and financial institutions. more >

  • Environmental Science, MS

    .Habitat loss, global climate change, water and air pollution, ozone depletion, species invasions, loss of biodiversity, and the accumulation of toxic wastes are among the many environmental dilemmas our society faces. more >

  • Experimental Psychology, MS

    The M.Sc. in Experimental Psychology at RIT incorporates two tracks, one in experimental psychology broadly defined and the other focused on engineering psychology and related fields. more >

  • Furniture Design, MFA

    The Furniture Design program at the School for American Crafts will engage students in the pursuit of their creative interests while providing a comprehensive technical background in contemporary woodworking. more >

  • Imaging Science, Ph.D.

    The doctor of philosophy degree in imaging science signifies high achievement in scholarship and independent investigation in the diverse aspects of imaging science. more >