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New School, The New York City , NY  
  • The Department of Economics at The New School for Social Research offers a broad and critical approach to the study of economics... more >

  • The Department of Sociology offers a distinctive approach to the investigation of social life. This approach builds on The New School's historical connections to European social science to develop our tradition of critical inquiry and engage wit... more >

  • Milano’s Master of Science in Public and Urban Policy challenges you to develop innovative solutions for the world’s thorniest challenges, which are increasingly urban and global... more >

  • The New School is at the forefront of addressing global environmental issues, thanks to Milano's Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management (EPSM) program... more >

  • Our innovative 30-credit Master of Science (MS) in International Affairs is a flexible, modular program that provides students with the mix of skills and area specializations they need to thrive in today's rapidly changing field of international affairs... more >

  • Milano’s groundbreaking Nonprofit Management program was the first of its kind in this country. From the beginning, our highly engaged curriculum has resonated with innovative thinkers familiar with The New School’s deep commitment to advancin... more >

  • Parsons’ Master of Science in Data Visualization is a multidisciplinary program in which students develop skills bringing together visual design, computer science, statistical analysis, and ethical considerations of data analysis and representation... more >

  • Milano’s Organizational Change Management program trains students to become diagnosticians and designers of elegant, unique interventions that reimagine and reassemble cultures, build leadership capacities, and facilitate group dynamics... more >

  • The general MA program provides a comprehensive review of the field. Students take courses covering a wide range of the literature, including three general psychology courses; three in the areas of social, developmental, and abnormal psychology; and... more >

  • The New School for Drama's playwriting program prepares a select group of students for professional careers as skilled dramatic writers in theater, film and television. We believe that a complete playwriting education requires rigorous attention... more >

  • This elite two-year graduate program focuses on advancing all aspects of music study and performance skills in a highly rigorous and inspiring curriculum. more >

  • The Certificate in Leadership and Change prepares management professionals to be effective leaders of institutional change. more >

  • MS Urban Policy Analysis and Mangement Improving Quality of Life for Urban Communities The Urban Policy Analysis and Management Program trains professionals and managers committed to improving the quality of life for urban communities and their re... more >

  • This elite two-year graduate program focuses on advancing all aspects of music study and performance skills in a highly rigorous and inspiring curriculum. more >

  • From its inception, the Philosophy department at the Graduate Faculty at New School University has offered its students rigorous training that emphasizes Continental philosophy and the history of philosophical thought. The distinctive program concent... more >

  • Mannes College’s full-time graduate and postgraduate programs offer advanced training to a select group of musicians, preparing them for careers as professional artists. An individual curriculum is designed for each student, consisting of intensive stud... more >

  • In this unique graduate program, students are guided in workshops and seminars by a faculty of distinguished writers in the literary capital of the United States. ... more >

  • The Master of Fine Arts in Design and Technology (MFA DT) program is a two-year, 60-credit full-time interdisciplinary course... more >

  • This master’s program explores theory and technical applications in the design of natural and artificial lighting, with attention to social and environmental factors such as energy conservation. more >

  • The Public and Urban Policy PhD program graduated its first class in 2004. more >

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of contemporary publishing, intellectual writing, and the possibilities opened up by emerging technologies and media. more >

  • This rigorous program is intended for students interested in theoretical, historical, philosophical, and social research related to design practices, products, and discourses. more >

  • In today's global media landscape, technologies and markets are evolving at lightning speed. In this environment of opportunity and change, business knowledge and broad management skills are critical to career success. This new graduate program p... more >

  • The program trains managers to address organization development and effectiveness in the for-profit, nonprofit, and public sectors at the individual, group, and institutional levels. more >

  • Students in this groundbreaking research-based program develop a critical understanding of its connections to personal and social identity and to world history and culture. more >

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