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Cornell University Ithaca , NY  
  • Agricultural, extension, and adult education focuses on the study of formal and informal education systems. Current interests include the study of indigenous knowledge systems, technology and decision making, and the role of adult education in social an... more >

  • This program prepares students for work in the history and preservation of buildings in a variety of urban and rural contexts. Two years of course wor... more >

  • The Latin American Studies Program (LASP) offers a graduate minor in Latin American studies. more >

  • The interdisciplinary nature of this M.P.A. program is one of its distinguishing features. more >

  • Regional Science is the study of regional economies and their interactions with each other. Central issues include capital flows, trade, location or economic activity, growth, and regional conflicts. Graduates are positioned for careers as researchers o... more >

  • The Field of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics provides a strong background in engineering science and applied mathematics, which prepares students to carry out high-quality analytical or experimental research and to handle a wide variety of modern engi... more >

  • Degree candidates are expected to pursue study and research that will give them a deeper comprehension of the basic and applied sciences and will develop initiative, originality, and creative ability. The thesis or dissertation may involve either resear... more >

  • The field provides an opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge of the interactions of toxic elements and chemicals (drugs, pesticides, industrial pollutants, and natural products) with organisms and the environment. Specific disciplinary inte... more >

  • Candidates for the M.S. degree select one major in the field and one minor outside the field. Candidates for the Ph.D. degree select one major in the field and two minors outside the field. There are no general course credit requirements for the M.S. or... more >

  • For an application, visit the Graduate School's website at Cornell University. more >

  • Cornell offers Degree Programs leading to the Ph.D. and the M.A. in Linguistics. Both programs are designed to provide a thorough grounding in contemporary linguistic theory while allowing full access to the field's varied resources.For an applicati... more >

  • The LL.M. program is intended primarily for students holding a foreign law degree who are seeking to gain basic knowledge of U.S. law as well as knowledge in a specialized field. The J.S.D. is intended primarily for the student who wants to become a leg... more >

  • The M.S. and Ph.D. programs provide advanced levels of training suitable for students pursuing careers in research and development, education, or advanced engineering analysis and design. The Master of Engineering (Mechanical) program is intended primar... more >

  • Science and Technology Studies is a complex interdisciplinary field that requires a thorough grounding in the humanistic and social science traditions as well as familiarity with and training in at least one branch of science or engineering. Students ex... more >

  • CornellÆs approach to city, regional, and international planning closely combines theory and practice, emphasizing social, political, and economic issues that influence the built environment. The Department of City and Regional Planning offers degree pr... more >

  • The field of East Asian Literature at Cornell University offers the M.A./Ph.D. degree to students who wish to major in either Chinese,Japanese, or Vietnamese Literature, and is designed primarily for students who wish to obtain a Ph.D. Degree.For an... more >

  • South Asian studies. Proficiency in one or more South Asian languages, usually the equivalent of three years of nonintensive study, is required. Intensive summer programs in Sinhalese and Nepali currently are offered in alternate years. For an appli... more >

  • This minor field offers a graduate program in conjunction with several areas of specialization, including biometry,... more >

  • Master's degree candidates major in general sociology. Students in either degree program are expected to prepare themselves to undertake research both through formal course work and through apprenticeships in the ongoing research activities of the facul... more >

  • Students whose major interest is in philosophy are required to gain a general knowledge of the whole subject, including its history, and to select som... more >

  • The graduate field of Entomology at Cornell emphasizes flexibility and permits an outstanding degree of accommodation to the needs and interests of the individual student. Degree requirements are kept to a minimum and there are no credit-hour requiremen... more >

  • Cornell is a national center of learning located in Ithaca, New York, the heart of the Finger Lakes region of New York State. The law school's small classes, broad curriculum and distinguished faculty, combined with the advantages of being part of one o... more >

  • Cornell University's Medieval Studies Program offers students the opportunity to pursue graduate-level medieval research interests in multiple discipl... more >

  • Peace studies and peace science provide interdisciplinary opportunities for students to deepen their knowledge of international security; the structur... more >

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