City College of New York, The

College of Liberal Arts and Science

Public Service Management


MR 1337

New York City, NY 10031

United States



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Degrees Offered:

Public Service Management (M.P.A.)

Format: Campus

Program Description:

Recent research has demonstrated that diversity in staffing strengthens organizations. Yet, such diversity is often missing at the top levels of the government and non-profit organizations charged with making important policy decisions that affect the lives of every citizen. Take, for example, the case of the federal government. Though thirty percent of the U.S. population is non-white, a 2006 study by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found that only 14 percent of the men and women who occupy the top managerial, supervisory, and policy-making positions in federal agencies are members of minority groups. Similarly, a 2007 report by the Congressional Research Service found that only 17 percent of the senior leadership positions in legislative branch agencies were held by minorities. The Charles B. Rangel Center at City College is committed to helping ensure that those who run our nation will better reflect our citizenry. The Center approaches that mission with a set of inter-related programs. It supports students enrolled in a rigorous graduate program designed to prepare students from under-represented groups to assume leadership positions in public service. It will archive material pertaining to public service careers of members of groups underrepresented at the managerial level in public service, beginning with the papers of Congressman Rangel. It reaches out to professionals and offers fellowships, training, mentoring, and other support. Finally, the Center sponsors cutting-edge research in approaches to expanding participation in public service. Fundamental to the Honorable Charles B. Rangel’s lifelong service to the nation is a belief that government in the U.S. must mirror the rich tapestry of cultures, faiths, and ethnicities that make us who we are as a country.

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