City College of New York, The

College of Liberal Arts and Science

International Relations


MR 1337

New York City, NY 10031

United States



Program Information

Degrees Offered:

International Relations (M.A.)

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The Masters Program in International Relations (MPIR) emphasizes a broad interdisciplinary study of international affairs with an emphasis on international organization and international law. Although much of this work is naturally drawn from the field of Political Science, the program also includes courses and programs offered by professors in the departments of History, Economics and Sociology. In doing so, we emphasize the importance of interdisciniplanary study in understanding the field of international affairs. Within this framework, students may pursue a more focused study in regional politics; international economics; diplomacy and foreign policy; or security and human rights. All students are required to take six core courses that include International Relations Theory, Seminar in International Politics, International Law, International Organization, International Political Economy, and Research Methods. Beyond that, they take four additional courses, either in a chosen area of consentration or electives covering such topics as Democratization and Statebuilding. In addition to the formal coursework, all students write a 75 page Master's Thesis on a topic of their choice. This topic is usually within their area of specialty and is developed in consultation with their faculty advisor.

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