City College of New York, The

College of Liberal Arts and Science



MR 1337

New York City, NY 10031

United States



Program Information

Degrees Offered:

History (M.A.)

Format: Campus

Program Description:

History is basic to a college education: it provides the knowledge of where we have been that is essential to any individual’s understanding of his or her role in contemporary society; it advances analytical skills and promotes the expression of one’s ideas in writing and speech; and it encourages students to think critically, which includes the ability to evaluate material and draw appropriate conclusions. The offerings at City College are designed to meet the needs of our diverse student body. A wide range of occupations is open to history majors beyond teaching, including positions in business and industry, law, communications, and many agencies of government at all levels. A strong background in history also complements majors in social sciences because it provides the perspective that deepens one’s understanding of contemporary developments and problems. In addition, historical study traditionally has been an asset to those interested in literature and other humanities and arts areas.
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