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Program Information

Degrees Offered:

M.S.- Computer Science, CISCO Certificate

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The Department of Computer Science offers a Master of Science degree in Computer Science and an MS in Computer Science with a concentration in Informatics. The concentrations consist of taking 3 courses in a computer intensive area, or in a specialized area complementary to computer science. An MS in Mathematics with a concentration in Computer Science is offered by the Department of Mathematical Sciences. This degree option is described under Mathematics. The graduate program in computer science is designed for students interested in pursuing computer science theoretically as well as practically at an advanced level. While introducing students to newly developing areas of computer science, this program emphasizes the foundations and concepts of the field. Concepts are developed rather than routine programming skills. Students are prepared for professional work in the design and implementation of software systems, data base systems, operating systems, artificial intelligence, expert systems, graphics, simulation and algorithms for discrete and continuous structures that will aid in the solution of problems encountered in the scientific and business sector. The curriculum is designed to allow students to develop skills needed to achieve leadership positions in business, industry, and government in computer science or in related fields that are computer science intensive. The program also prepares teachers of computer science at the two year college, high school and middle school levels. The graduate program in computer science began in 1978. At present, there are 12 full-time faculty in the Department of Computer Science. the special interests of the faculty include algorithms, artificial intelligence, automata theory, automated theorem proving, bioengineering, compilers, computer science education, complexity theory, computational linguistics, computational logic, cryptography, databases, data mining and knowledge discovery, design and management of information systems, expert systems, fault-tolerant computing, graphics, machine organization and architecture, neural networks, non-linear phenomena and fuzzy logic, operating systems, parallel and distributed computing, program verification, pixel and image processing, robotics, software engineering, scientific computing, and telecommunications. The department has the advantage of having professional computer scientists as both faculty and visiting specialists. The visiting specialists are drawn from the aerospace, chemical, computer, and pharmaceutical industries. This mix of faculty affords students the opportunity to obtain an education in both the practical and theoretical aspects of computer science. Computer facilities within the College of Science and Mathematics currently comprise a local area network (SCINet) of Sun servers and workstations, as well as Dell and Macintosh teaching laboratories. The Sun network comprises four Enterprise servers, a student laboratory with twenty Ultra 10 workstations, and workstations in faculty offices. The computers of this network run under UNIX operating system. Available software packages include: Maple, MATLAB, Iris Explorer, LaTEX, Rational Rose, SAS, Splus, Ingres, MySQL, JavaStudio, and JavaWorkshop. Programming language include: C, C++, Java, Ada, FORTRAN, Pascal, LISP, Prolog, Perl and Smalltalk. In addition, Montclair State University maintains a DEC Alpha 2100 (running the VMS operating system), on which any MSU student may establish an account. Software available on this machine include: Ada, C, C++, COBOL, FORTRAN, GPSS, Ingres, LISP, Macro, Maple, Minitab, Pascal, PL/1, Prolog, SAS, SAS graphics, SPSSX and SPSS graphics. The University also maintains a number of microcomputer labs throughout the campus. Access to the Alpha and CSAM Sun network is available from most of these microcomputers via a campus-wide local area network (MSUNet). In addition, these microcomputers support a wide variety of software such as JMP, Mac Spin, Data Desk, Solo, Statistix, and Office for student use. Montclair State University recently became its own Internet Service Provider (MSU-ISP). All students and faculty may establish Internet Accounts. These, as well as dial-up lines, provide remote access to computers on campus. Students desiring to enter the MS in Computer Science without an appropriate background in computer science can obtain the necessary foundation in computer science and mathematics by taking courses in our prerequisite program. Upon satisfactory completion of part or all of the program, students are admitted to the Master of Science program.


Computing Accreditation Commission (CAC) of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) (Computer Science major, concentration in Professional Computing, BS, Department of Computer Science, College of Science and Mathematics)

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Financial Aid: Yes

International Financial Aid: Yes

Classification: Master's College or University I

Locale: Large Suburb

Size & Settings: 10,000-19,999

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