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University of New Hampshire Durham , NH  
  • The special education program prepares highly qualified educators who possess the knowledge, disposition, and skills necessary to take the lead in establishing effective teaching and learning environments for a diverse population of learners, who are... more >

  • The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers the doctor of philosophy degree in engineering and the master of science degree in mechanical engineering. In general, applicants have a B.S. degree in mechanicalengineering. GRE general test scores are re... more >

  • The M.S. program is designed to help students increase the breadth and depth of their computer science knowledge, strengthen their software development skills, and build their research skills. Professionally-oriented students often complete industry int... more >

  • MS Resource Economics offers theoretical and applied study opportunities in land, marine, community, and environmental economics... more >

  • The Department of Sociology offers M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in sociology. The master's degree program emphasizes theory and methodology. Students in the doctoral program are expected to select one major area for intensive study and examination. There a... more >

  • The Computer Science department offers both the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. The M.S. program has three options: thesis, project, and exam. The Ph.D. program culminates with a dissertation. A major emphasis of our graduate prog... more >

  • The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers programs leading to a master of science for teachers in mathematics, master of science in mathematics, master of science in mathematics with an option in applied mathematics, master of science in ma... more >

  • The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers both a thesis and non-thesis option master of science degree with a major in electrical engineering. The fundamental difference between the two options is that the non-thesis option substitute... more >

  • The graduate program includes the M.S. degree in Nutritional Sciences, or a Ph.D. degree in animal and nutritional sciences. Areas of research specialization include human nutrition, mammalian physiology and pathology, nutritional biochemistry and me... more >

  • The Department of Biological Science offers the master of science and doctor of philosophy degrees in plant biology. Research opportunities are available in basic and applied areas of plant biology, including breeding and genetics, cell biology, cell... more >

  • In the fall of 2007, UNH launched a master of fine arts in writing, creating a three-year, 48-credit program that aims to provide students with the in... more >

  • The Administration and Supervision Program offers the degrees of Master of Education and the Education Specialist in Educational Administration and Supervision.  A Ph.D. in Education with a... more >

  • The College of Health and Human Services offers an interdisciplinary curriculum leading to the Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) or a Public Health Certificate. The program is designed to provide students with an integrated, generalist M.P.H. degree. more >

  •   The Department of English at the University of New Hampshire offers a full range of courses and faculty expertise in nearly all fields of literary, language, and creative writing study. However, our p... more >

  • The graduate program in Natural Resources and Earth Systems Science (NRESS) is an interdepartmental program offering only the... more >

  • Zoology offers programs leading to both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. Areas of specialization include physiology, cell and molecular biology, and ecology. Faculty research explores many levels of the biological hierarchy, from molecular to cellular to orga... more >

  • The University of New Hampshire graduate program in Biochemistry offers students interdisciplinary training in contemporary biological research. The course of study is flexible and takes into account the student's goals in research, career objectives an... more >

  • The Department of Chemistry has as its basic goal the development of professional chemists. Students acquire the specific skills required for careers in industry, government and academia through a program which includes research, course work and oral pr... more >

  • The materials science program offers a master of science in materials science and a materials science option for the Ph.D. in engineering. The program offers research opportunities over a broad range of areas including synthesis, deposition, and charact... more >

  • The graduate program integrates an array of academic and clinical experiences to prepare students for a variety of careers in speech-language pathology. The program offers a master of science degree program in communications sciences and disorders. S... more >

  • The part- or full-time program offers a master of arts degree with a major in environmental education. more >

  • The Department of Chemical Engineering offers the M.S. degree and the Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering. At the M.S. and Ph.D. levels, we offer research opportunities in biofuels, biomedical engineering, biochemical engineering, electrochemical engin... more >

  • The graduate programs in economics at UNH are some of the most distinctive in the country. The M.A. program is based on a fast-track, ten-month calendar that provides rigorous training in economic theory and applied statistics. It also allows student... more >

  • The University of New Hampshire Graduate Program in Genetics provides outstanding and diverse research opportunities in genetics and genomics.  As an interdisciplinary program made up of facul... more >

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