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Those seeking graduate schools in New Hampshire will find a wide array of colleges, universities, and experiences packed into a small state. NH is a compilation of all things New England, containing booming industry, pastoral countryside, and famous cultural institutions, including Dartmouth College. It’s an awesome place to spend a weekend or a lifetime. But what makes New Hampshire such a great location for prospective grad students? Let’s learn more!

Why You May Love Being a Grad Student in New Hampshire

written by Shannon Fandler

New Hampshire has a lot to offer students from all manner of academic disciplines and walks of life. By choosing to pursue your graduate degree in this diverse state, you could potentially enjoy:

Important Sites of Learning. New Hampshire boasts several higher learning institutions with venerable pasts, such as Dartmouth College (founded in 1769), St. Anselm College (founded in 1889), and Colby-Sawyer College (founded in 1837). The University System of New Hampshire features campuses throughout the state, and you’ll find many other colleges and universities with unique claims to fame. New Hampshire graduate programs range in subject and scope, and some may even be pursued online!

Vibrant Urban Life. New Hampshire is home to 13 cities, which offers numerous ways to learn, explore, and enjoy life. Concord, the capital city of NH, is home to New Hampshire’s only law school, University of New Hampshire School of Law. Manchester, New Hampshire’s largest city, boasts a thriving business sector and a big arts and culture scene. Basing yourself in a city may be the perfect way to start exploring everything NH has to offer.

Nature and Outdoor Life. Though gifted with bustling urban areas, New Hampshire’s natural beauty offers a surprising departure from city life. You could marvel at the gorgeous White Mountains, sail

on Lake Winnipesaukee, or take in the salt air at seaside towns like Portsmouth, Dover, and Exeter. With some of the largest ski mountains on the East Coast, New Hampshire's attractions include skiing, snowmobiling, and other winter sports. Whether you like hiking, camping, water sports, or something else, you’ll find exciting ways to get outdoors and enjoy this scenic state.

Chances to Soak Up Culture. The Granite State offers many options for an enlightening day out, including centers for the arts, science, and history. Shaker museums in Enfield and Canterbury tell the story of an influential religious movement. Art museums and galleries can be found in many of New Hampshire’s cities. And, don’t miss the Strawbery Banke Museum, a unique living history museum in Portsmouth.

Exciting Flavors. New Hampshire is home to a unique food tradition: maple syrup-making. Each March, sap is harvested and turned into syrup at sugar houses, where visitors can learn about the process while sampling sweet treats. The state is also known for its vineyards and breweries. And, you’ll find a diverse range of restaurants throughout NH, serving everything from family favorites to traditional New England seafood.

Tax-free Shopping. What better way to stretch your student budget than by avoiding sales tax? Everything from clothes and necessities to the one-of-a-kind finds at New Hampshire’s many antique stores is completely tax-free in this state. Residents of New Hampshire don’t pay a state tax on their wages and salaries, either!

Delve into New Hampshire’s History

Whether you’re planning to pursue a graduate history program or you’re simply looking for a historically-rich place to live and learn, New Hampshire is worthy of your interest. One of the original 13 colonies, New Hampshire played a key role in the American Revolution. But first, this small state was home to around 3,000 Native Americans from various tribes within the Algonquian culture. The English colonized the state in the early 1600s, and in June of 1776, New Hampshire delegates attended the Continental Congress in Philadelphia to vote for American independence.

In New Hampshire’s early years of statehood, agriculture, manufacturing, and shipbuilding flourished. Industrial cities and towns like Manchester, Nashua, Claremont, Dover, Newmarket, and Laconia were key to producing supplies and weapons for the Union Army during the Civil War. Of course, all of this industry threatened the state’s natural resources. Logging, tourism, and population growth have had an impact on New Hampshire’s environment that remains a concern to this day.

New Hampshire Demographics

So here are the facts on modern-day New Hampshire: this state has a population of 1,342,795 as of the 2017 estimate, which is a 2.0% change from 2010. 35.5% of the population has a Bachelor’s degree or higher, and the median annual household income is $68,485.[i]

Top 7 Occupations in New Hampshire

Requiring a Post-Secondary Degree

Professions with the highest employment in New Hampshire

Whether you need help deciding what degree to pursue, or just want to get a feel for
professions with the highest employment in New Hampshire , the table below should be helpful.

  • Registered Nurses
  • General and Operations Managers
  • Software Developers, Applications
  • Elementary School Teachers, Except Special Education
  • Secondary School Teachers, Except Special and Career/Technical Education
  • Accountants and Auditors
  • Middle School Teachers, Except Special and Career/Technical Education

These results were reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For more information see the OES May 2017 State Data Report.

Did You Know? New Hampshire experiences a humid continental climate with warm, humid summers and cold, wet winters.

Studying Business in New Hampshire

Plan to pursue a graduate business degree in the Granite State? Then let’s explore a snapshot of business in New Hampshire. 37,6691 businesses, both large and small, called this state home as of 2015.[i] Among New Hampshire’s biggest sectors are the manufacturing of electrical equipment and technology-related items. They have also retained vestiges of their shipbuilding past. The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (actually located in nearby Maine) is one of the largest employers for residents of New Hampshire’s seacoast region.

Besides manufacturing, tourism is the largest industry in New Hampshire, with visitors flocking to the state for winter sports and to admire the showy autumn foliage. Other thriving areas of commerce include insurance and banking, medical and health care, business services, and wholesale and retail trade.

Higher Education and Graduate Schools in New Hampshire

From world-famous institutions like Dartmouth College to local community colleges aimed at helping local students pursue new career goals, New Hampshire boasts a wide range of higher education partners. Students interested in pursuing New Hampshire graduate programs might wish to check out these five grad schools that call the Granite State home.

1. Southern New Hampshire University

2. New England College – Henniker, NH

3. University of New Hampshire – Durham, NH

4. Antioch University – Keene, NH

5. Franklin Pierce University

Many or all of these institutions also offer potential online learning options that may allow you to pursue your graduate education from New Hampshire colleges and universities without necessarily leaving your current state.

College Towns in New Hampshire: Places for Grad Students to Live and Learn

With 13 cities and 221 towns, New Hampshire offers plenty of communities to either settle in or explore. But which cities and towns are ideal for students who plan to pursue master’s, doctoral, or certificate programs in NH? Here are a few of our favorites:

Manchester – The most populous urban area in NH, this city happens to be home to many colleges and universities. Schools include Southern New Hampshire University, Franklin Pierce University, New Hampshire Institute of Art, University of New Hampshire (UNH) at Manchester, and others. Manchester is located along the banks of the beautiful Merrimack River, and is home to arts, culture, sports, and more.

Keene – Home to Keene State College and Antioch University New England, this small city may be the ideal place to pursue a graduate degree. Keene is easy to get to, with state highways approaching the city from nine directions.

Fun Fact: Much of the 1995 movie Jumanji was filmed in Keene, NH.

Concord – Granite State College, the University of New Hampshire School of Law, and other colleges and graduate schools make this capital city a smart destination for students. This city is also an important site of New Hampshire history, and you can see some of its oldest buildings still standing on Main Street.

Hanover – This quintessential college town is home to Dartmouth College, a world-renowned Ivy League institution. In fact, Dartmouth is almost as old as Hanover itself, with both school and town dating back to the 1760s. Become a part of history yourself, here…or simply appreciate this small town’s New England charm.

Nashua – The second-largest New Hampshire city after Manchester, Nashua has a history rooted in the textile industry. Today, it’s home to many technology firms, like Dell and Oracle Corporation. Universities in Nashua, NH, include Rivier University, Southern New Hampshire University's Nashua campus, and a branch of Granite State College.

Durham – This large town in Strafford County, NH, is home to the University of New Hampshire, a public research university that is part of the University System of New Hampshire. Durham is a bustling college town that features many libraries and historical buildings of note, potentially perfect for knowledge-hungry grad students!

Hone Your Teaching Readiness with Graduate Education Programs in New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s public school system dates all the way back to 1647! If you’re hoping to help the next generation of students reach their potential, consider pursuing a graduate education program at a New Hampshire college or university. You could potentially build on your classroom teaching experience while exploring new areas of expertise. Check out graduate education programs like:

  • Lesley University Ph.D. in Educational Studies
  • Franklin Pierce University M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction
  • University of New Hampshire M.Ed. in Educational Studies
  • Keene State College Graduate Programs in Special Education

Find Business Graduate Programs in New Hampshire

With a diverse economy that depends on manufacturing, insurance, banking, business services, and more, New Hampshire might be the perfect place to study subjects like business and management. In addition to having several large, urban business districts in cities like Manchester, New Hampshire may also be convenient to other important business hubs, like Boston.

Whether you’re planning on earning an MBA, studying the science of management, or something else, one of New Hampshire’s graduate business schools may offer a learning path that’s perfect for you! Explore programs like:

  • Antioch University New England MBA in Sustainability
  • New England College MS Management – Healthcare Administration
  • Plymouth State University MBA in General Management
  • Rivier University Management and Organizational Behavior Graduate Program

Explore Health and Medicine Graduate Programs in New Hampshire

From nursing to immunology, New Hampshire graduate schools may offer health and medical graduate degree programs that could help you launch your next career move. You may find many potential paths to making a difference in areas of health and wellness that impact New Hampshire residents and beyond. Search graduate programs like:

  • Dartmouth College Immunology DMS Program
  • Franklin Pierce University Master of Science in Nursing Education
  • Franklin Pierce College Graduate program in Physical Therapy
  • University of New Hampshire M.S. or PhD in Nutritional Sciences

Search Technology Graduate Programs in NH

Technology is an important part of New Hampshire’s economy – from manufacturing electronics and high-tech equipment to providing business services that may pertain to tech. So, this state just might be the perfect place to brush up on your knowledge. Many of New Hampshire’s college and universities offer programs related to technology, such as IT and Computer Science. Graduate programs worth considering may include:

  • Southern New Hampshire University MS in Information Technology
  • Rivier University Computer Information Systems Graduate Program
  • UNH Graduate Programs in Computer Science

Discover Top New Hampshire Cities for a Graduate Program

  Population Median Household Income Median Gross Rent % of person having a bachelor's degree or higher
Manchesterii 110,506 $54,899 $1,029 28.0%
Nashuaiii 87,882 $68,944 $1,155 34.9%
Concordiv 42,904 $57,566 $991 37.1%
Doverv 31,153 $63,096 $1,027 42.6%

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