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University of Nebraska - Lincoln Lincoln , NE  
  • Provides a balance of expertise between the fundamental areas of chemical engineering (numerical methods, thermodynamics, catalysis, separations, control and design) and the emerging specialties of the discipline (biochemical engineering, polymers and m... more >

  • The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Nebraska has an excellent graduate program which provides a congenial and supportive... more >

  • The specialization in cognitive psychology is designed for students who have interests inperception, attention, memory, human learning, decision makin... more >

  • Provides a stimulating environment for educational, clinical and research activities in the Department of Special Education and Communicative Disorders. more >

  • The clinical program has an extensive network of practicum placements for professional training with areas of emphasis in rural mental health, alcoholism, chronic mental illness, neuropsychology, and child clinical. more >

  • The Classics Department prides itself on the thorough training it provides in both Latin and Greek as well as in Hebrew, Sanskrit, Egyptian and Coptic... more >

  • The program enables you to develop the principles, processes & practical skills necessary for effective district leadership. more >

  • Environmental engineering faculty members in the three departments offer a balance of expertise covering four major areas of environmental engineering, as sanctioned by the American Academy of Environmental Engineers (AAEE). The fields in which students... more >

  • The Department of Statistics offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. The M.S. program consists of course work in statistical theory and methods, training in how to effectively apply statistics to the scientific problems. The Ph.D. consists of more advanced stati... more >

  • Specializations in French, German, and Spanish. The graduate program is based on a flexible curriculum combining advanced work in the student's primary language, survey courses in literature and linguistics with advanced undergraduate participation, spe... more >

  • The Plant Pathology Department offers a wide range of research opportunities in both basic and applied topics. The graduate programs are designed around each student's own research, extension, and overall graduate programs leading to the Master of Scien... more >

  • The Plant Sciences Program is based in the University of Nebraska’s Center for Plant Science Innovation, an interdisciplinary research and training program in the plant sciences. The university is recognized for the recruitment of established industry p... more >

  • Formed in 1987, the QQPM program has a commitment to recruiting and retaining a diverse student body, and an excellent record of mentoring students through their programs with opportunities to work intensely with program faculty, to benefit from researc... more >

  • Education for graduate students emphasizes learning to conceptualize and complete empirical research projects. Research efforts of faculty and graduate students are aided by the Bureau of Sociological Research, which provides consulting and support faci... more >

  • The graduate program in journalism is designed to prepare the student to translate more effectively to mass audiences the complexities of a rapidly ch... more >

  • The Horticulture Department offers graduate programs leading to the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees (the latter is an interdepartmental area with forestry) which are available in physiological, post-harvest physiology; plant nutrition and anatomy; environmental... more >

  • The Marketing Department offers high-quality M.A. and Ph.D. programs to a small number of students each year. The faculty is actively engaged in resea... more >

  • The University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers a PAB-accredited two-years master's degree program in Community and Regional Planning. more >

  • Interdisciplinary research, academic and outreach areas in the School include: Biologic Resources, Atmospheric Resources, Water Resources and Earth Resources. Examples of these four resource areas include: grassland and fresh water ecosystems, forestry,... more >

  • Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, the Ronald E. more >

  • The Department of Food Science and Technology is located in the Food Industry Building, which is equipped with modern research laboratories and pilot plants. These facilities are among the best in the United States for food science research with state-o... more >

  • This fully online program is designed to prepare you for professional practice and to help you develop the leadership and analytical skills needed to confront difficult problems of practice in P-20 education, higher education, community colleges, or oth... more >

  • The department has programs in micrometerology, atmosphere-biosphere internactions, energy, mass and radiation exchanges, and remote sensing of negative conditions. It also has programs in climate impact assessment, climatic change, drought management a... more >

  • The Department of Psychology offers the Ph.D. in two areas of biological psychology: Animal behavior and behavioral neuroscience. Any particular inter... more >

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