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University of Nebraska - Lincoln Lincoln , NE  
  • The agricultural economics program provides a foundation for professional problem solving through courses in production economics, agricultural industrial organization, international agricultural trade, agricultural development, natural resource economi... more >

  • The graduate program in mechanized systems management is offered through the Department of Biological Systems Engineering. more >

  • Students may specialize in any one of several areas, including experimental and theoretical atomic and molecular physics, experimental and theoretical condensed matter physics, observational astronomy and theoretical astrophysics, theoretical and experi... more >

  • From the beginning semester our program emphasizes one-to-one research collaboration and supervision between faculty and students. As interests grow and change, and as the student's research skills develop, the student's research becomes increasingly in... more >

  • Responsible for comprehensive instruction in the basic biological sciences. Graduate students are encouraged to develop personalized programs of study and research in the Section of Ecology and Organismal Biology and the Section of Genetics, Cellular, a... more >

  • The program is designed for students seeking an endorsement as a P-12 superintendent. more >

  • Carefully structured and individualized graduate programs in all fields afford maximum personal contact and consultation between graduate students and professors in seminars, directed individual readings, lecture courses, and supervised thesis research... more >

  • Nutrition is an interdepartmental program that includes nutritional science, animal science, biological science, food science, and medical science. The goal of the typical applicant is to complete a Ph.D. in order to obtain a teaching/research position. more >

  • We offer an opportunity to participate in a wide array of modern engineering research programs. Students are typically supported with research assistantships which include tuition. We have excellent facilities and an outstanding faculty willing to assis... more >

  • The M.S. degree is a research-oriented program with a variety of specializations available including interior design. Joint programs are offered with business (M.B.A.) and community and regional planning (M.C.R.P.). Applicants must have an undergraduate... more >

  • The goal of the M.S. program is to give students training in the methods, applications and theory of statistics and biometry to work as professional statisticians upon graduation. The core requirements include training in the design of experiments, mult... more >

  • The Department of English offers diverse opportunities for professional development to graduate students, including development of scholarly and teaching portfolios, participation in critical and literary study groups, a fiction and poetry reading serie... more >

  • Landscape Architecture is one of the oldest professions. more >

  • The M.S. degree in agricultural education may be earned in any of the four areas of emphasis offered in the Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication: teaching and instruction, extension education, and leadership and human resou... more >

  • Designed for individuals who are not interested in practicing law, but who want to develop a better understanding of the legal system. more >

  • The department has extensive research and computer facilities, and an excellent library, as well as access to meteorology/climatology computer and GIS labs, and The Center for Advanced Land Management (CALMIT). Individual graduate programs are designed... more >

  • The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Nebraska has an excellent graduate program which provides a congenial and supportive atmosphere for learning from a dedicated and enthusiastic faculty. more >

  • The School of Music boasts a comprehensive faculty and an accommodating array of facilities that enable graduate students to pursue diverse areas of study. Westbrook Music Building houses a music library containing approximately 43,000 books, scores and... more >

  • The Marketing Department offers high-quality M.A. and Ph.D. programs to a small number of students each year. The faculty is actively engaged in resea... more >

  • Offers systems management, operations research, human factors, manufacturing systems, and manufacturing processes as areas of emphasis. more >

  • The Department of Anthropology and Geography offers a graduate program in anthropology especially suited for students with research interests in historical archaeology, evolutionary approaches to human behavior, applied/development anthropology, and Ind... more >

  • Cognitive-behavioral, scientist-practitioner program with concentrations available in child and family, alcohol-substance abuse, clinical and experime... more >

  • Good economic analysis involves a blend of theory and policy. At Nebraska, economists are trained in applied economic analysis in graduate programs that begin with solid technical training in economic theory and quantitative methods and progress to appl... more >

  • Geography offers the following areas of concentration: geographic information analysis, human geography, historical-cultural geography, meteorology-climatology, and environmental studies. more >

  • Courses of study in human resources and family sciences leading to the doctoral degree are offered through a unified Ph.D. program structured around three tracks: economic, physical, and psychosocial well-being of individuals and families. more >

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