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  • Agricultural Economics

    The agricultural economics program provides a foundation for professional problem solving through courses in production economics, agricultural indust... more >

  • Mechanized Systems Management

    The graduate program in mechanized systems management is offered through the Department of Biological Systems Engineering. more >

  • Physics and Astronomy

    Students may specialize in any one of several areas, including experimental and theoretical atomic and molecular physics, experimental and theoretical... more >

  • Social - Personality

    From the beginning semester our program emphasizes one-to-one research collaboration and supervision between faculty and students. more >

  • Biological Sciences

    Responsible for comprehensive instruction in the basic biological sciences. more >

  • Educational Administration & Supervision, 6-year Certificate (Superintendent Endorsement)

    The program is designed for students seeking an endorsement as a P-12 superintendent. more >

  • History

    Carefully structured and individualized graduate programs in all fields afford maximum personal contact and consultation between graduate students and... more >

  • Nutrition (Interdepartmental Program)

    Nutrition is an interdepartmental program that includes nutritional science, animal science, biological science, food science, and medical science. more >

  • Agricultural and Biological Systems Engineering

    We offer an opportunity to participate in a wide array of modern engineering research programs. Students are typically supported with research assista... more >

  • Architecture

    The M.S. degree is a research-oriented program with a variety of specializations available including interior design. Joint programs are offered with... more >

  • Biometry

    The goal of the M.S. program is to give students training in the methods, applications and theory of statistics and biometry to work as professional s... more >

  • English

    The Department of English offers diverse opportunities for professional development to graduate students, including development of scholarly and teach... more >

  • Landscape Architecture

    Landscape Architecture is one of the oldest professions. more >

  • Leadership Education

    The M.S. more >

  • Legal Studies

    Designed for individuals who are not interested in practicing law, but who want to develop a better understanding of the legal system. more >

  • Meteorology / Climatology

    The department has extensive research and computer facilities, and an excellent library, as well as access to meteorology/climatology computer and GIS... more >

  • Mathematics and Statistics

    The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Nebraska has an excellent graduate program which provides a congenial and supportive... more >

  • Music

    The School of Music boasts a comprehensive faculty and an accommodating array of facilities that enable graduate students to pursue diverse areas of s... more >

  • Marketing

    The Marketing Department offers high-quality M.A. and Ph.D. programs to a small number of students each year. The faculty is actively engaged in resea... more >

  • Industrial and Management Systems Engineering

    Offers systems management, operations research, human factors, manufacturing systems, and manufacturing processes as areas of emphasis. more >

  • Anthropology

    The Department of Anthropology and Geography offers a graduate program in anthropology especially suited for students with research interests in histo... more >

  • Clinical Psychology

    Cognitive-behavioral, scientist-practitioner program with concentrations available in child and family, alcohol-substance abuse, clinical and experime... more >

  • Economics

    Good economic analysis involves a blend of theory and policy. more >

  • Geography

    Geography offers the following areas of concentration: geographic information analysis, human geography, historical-cultural geography, meteorology-cl... more >

  • Interdepartmental Human Resources and Family Sciences

    Courses of study in human resources and family sciences leading to the doctoral degree are offered through a unified Ph.D. more >