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University of Nebraska - Lincoln Lincoln , NE  
  • Superb analytical laboratories and animal facilities are available for graduate research. A contemporary facility enhances basic and applied research capabilities for intensive large animal, poultry, and laboratory animal work. An extensive, federally i... more >

  • Agronomy is the application of plant and soil science to crop production. Horticulture is the science and art of cultivating fruits, vegetables, flowers, and ornamental plants. The Department's pride is its excellent teaching, research, and extension pr... more >

  • The actuarial science program provides opportunities for students seeking employment in the areas of life insurance, pensions, and property/casualty i... more >

  • From the beginning semester our program emphasizes one-to-one research collaboration and supervision between faculty and students. As interests grow and change, and as the student's research skills develop, the student's research becomes increasingly in... more >

  • Students may specialize in any one of several areas, including experimental and theoretical atomic and molecular physics, experimental and theoretical condensed matter physics, observational astronomy and theoretical astrophysics, theoretical and experi... more >

  • The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Nebraska has an excellent graduate program which provides a congenial and supportive atmosphere for learning from a dedicated and enthusiastic faculty. more >

  • This program allows study and coursework in textile history with a quilt studies emphasis. more >

  • The clinical program has an extensive network of practicum placements for professional training with areas of emphasis in rural mental health, alcoholism, chronic mental illness, neuropsychology, and child clinical. more >

  • There are three primary areas of emphasis within the department: thermal/fluids engineering,systems and design engineering, and materials science engineering. The department offers a broad program of study leading to the M.S. in Mechanical Engineering,... more >

  • Programs of study offered through the business interdepartmental area. The M.B.A. more >

  • Carefully structured and individualized graduate programs in all fields afford maximum personal contact and consultation between graduate students and professors in seminars, directed individual readings, lecture courses, and supervised thesis research... more >

  • Provides a stimulating environment for educational, clinical and research activities in the Department of Special Education and Communicative Disorders. more >

  • The Department offers graduate degree programs as well as certification and endorsement programs for the preparation of educational leaders at the Pre K-12 and post secondary education levels. more >

  • The Master of Professional Accountancy (M.P.A. more >

  • Education for graduate students emphasizes learning to conceptualize and complete empirical research projects. Research efforts of faculty and graduate students are aided by the Bureau of Sociological Research, which provides consulting and support faci... more >

  • The Department of Anthropology and Geography offers a graduate program in anthropology especially suited for students with research interests in historical archaeology, evolutionary approaches to human behavior, applied/development anthropology, and Ind... more >

  • Formed in 1987, the QQPM program has a commitment to recruiting and retaining a diverse student body, and an excellent record of mentoring students through their programs with opportunities to work intensely with program faculty, to benefit from researc... more >

  • The M.S. degree is a research-oriented program with a variety of specializations available including interior design. Joint programs are offered with business (M.B.A.) and community and regional planning (M.C.R.P.). Applicants must have an undergraduate... more >

  • The goal of the graduate program is to strike a balance between theory and practice. Courses of instruction at the graduate level are available in algorithms, graph algorithms, computational theory, symbolic and algebraic computation, real-time scheduli... more >

  • The agricultural economics program provides a foundation for professional problem solving through courses in production economics, agricultural industrial organization, international agricultural trade, agricultural development, natural resource economi... more >

  • As part of the University of Nebraska our Department's mission includes education, teaching, research, extension, and diagnostic service in both medical and veterinary areas. more >

  • The MS program in Survey Research and Methodology is a two-year, non-thesis program designed to train students to fill the expanding need for professionals in survey research and data analysis. Graduates can expect to find challenging, creative, and wel... more >

  • Interdisciplinary research, academic and outreach areas in the School include: Biologic Resources, Atmospheric Resources, Water Resources and Earth Resources. Examples of these four resource areas include: grassland and fresh water ecosystems, forestry,... more >

  • Under the dual sponsorship of the Department of Psychology and the College of Law, the Law/Psychology Program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln ha... more >

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