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Teacher Certification

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Program Description:

To obtain an initial teaching certification through the State of Michigan the following requirements must be met: Requirements A. Passing Scores on the Michigan Tests for Teacher Certification: For program completion, Elementary Education candidates must achieve a passing score on the Elementary Education exam of the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC). To add specialized endorsements to Michigan’s elementary teacher’s certificate, passing scores must also be achieved on the MTTC content area tests for the academic major and/or minors. Secondary candidates must achieve passing scores on the MTTC content area tests in both their academic major and minor areas. School of Education policy states that passing scores on certification-area MTTC tests are required for program completion, whether or not a candidate plans to request a Michigan certificate. It is therefore not possible to earn a BA Degree in Teacher Education from Concordia without passing MTTC scores. B. Documentation of Achievement of Program Outcomes: At the completion of directed teaching, each candidate’s cooperating teacher(s) and university supervisor(s) will prepare final written evaluations. This “Tier 3” assessment specifically notes success in demonstrating the School of Education’s ten program outcomes and provides the primary basis for determining the final grade for the directed teaching experience. C. Training in First Aid and CPR: The State of Michigan requires that all applicants for a Michigan Teaching Certificate provide evidence of training in first aid and CPR. When submitting to the Dean the request for a Michigan teaching certificate, a photocopy of a current certificate from Red Cross or American Heart Association must be submitted. D. Professional Conference Attendance: As evidence of achievement of Program Outcomes LL9 and LL10, candidates must provide the School of Education Dean with evidence of participation in at least one professional conference (regional, state or national) appropriate to their certification. E. Completion of Surveys: Students are required to complete and submit all evaluations surveys at the end of their student teaching experience. F. Portfolio: Each student who completes the education program will have completed a career portfolio prior to graduation. Deadline for program completion All requirements for program completion must be completed within two years (24 months) of withdrawal from the university. Following that deadline, a candidate desiring to return and complete certification requirements will be required to meet any new or changed program requirements.



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Financial Aid: No

International Financial Aid: No

Loans Offered: Subsidized and Unsubsidized Stafford Loans. Students must submit a Concordia Financial Aid Application and a completed FAFSA. Concordia offers several other alternative private loans.

Size & Settings: 0-999

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