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Japanese Acupuncture Styles

Format: Campus

Program Description:

NESA's JAS track students supplement their training in Chinese acupuncture, Western sciences, biomedicine, nutrition, Oriental bodywork, and research, with specialized training in Japanese styles of acupuncture, allowing them to offer patients a multitude of treatment options. The Japanese Acupuncture Styles track (JAS) is taught in two main components; students first learn root treatment (honchi ho) strategies and then study local treatment (hyochi ho) strategies. To determine the appropriate root treatment, students learn to diagnose essential imbalances in patients; pinpoint the location and level of the imbalance; and establish if imbalances are superficial or deep, excess or deficient. Abdominal Diagnosis (Fukushin) and Pulse Diagnosis (Myakushin) are critical tools. The dynamic core energy - qi - is gathered around the live tsubo or point and becomes accessible by intention, by lightly palpating, and by pressing the point. If preparation and intention are thorough, there is plenty of time for qi to gather at the point. Local treatment strategy focuses on streamlining the process of choosing additional specific needle techniques and modalities to support the root treatment. All students must complete the Chinese Acupuncture Studies core curriculum (CAS). Students gain a foundation in both Western and Eastern approaches to medicine, enabling them to communicate effectively with Western medical providers. Western biomedicine courses include basic sciences, anatomy, research, and nutrition, as well as Western pathophysiology and pharmacology. The course of study for the Eastern approach includes the history, theory and applications of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Full-time students complete JAS Track program requirements in a minimum of 33 months and earn the Master of Acupuncture degree (MAc).


Accredited by ACAOM.

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Classification: Specialized Institution—Other separate health profession school

Locale: Small City

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