Fitchburg State College: Fitchburg, Massachusetts

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Fitchburg State College Fitchburg , MA  
  • The program of study for the Master of Education in Arts Education is a non-licensure degree program designed to provide creative experiences in the a... more >

  • Social services, agencies, foundations, churches, museums and school and professional associations, municipalities, government and public enterprises... more >

  • The CAGS Program in Interdisciplinary Studies provides the opportunity for students who have completed a Master's degree to continue advanced degree s... more >

  • The MEd in Special Education is designed to prepare students for careers in teaching children with disabilities. more >

  • The online MBA program is deeply rooted in practical business experience. more >

  • The CAGS in Educational Leadership and Management Program prepares the student to meet the standards of Massachusetts Educator Initial Licensure as a... more >

  • This program has at its focus in the area of reading and reading disablities. more >

  • The Master of Arts (MA) in History is designed for students pursuing careers in historical research, writing, post-secondary level teaching, and for s... more >

  • The certificate in Applied Communication provides a background in the theories and concepts of communication in order to develop professional goals. more >

  • The MEd in Early Childhood Education, MEd in Elementary Education, and the MEd in Middle School Education programs in the professional licensure track... more >

  • The MEd in Curriculum and Teaching is a non-licensure degree program designed for individuals who wish to pursue advanced levels of reflection, knowle... more >

  • The program is deesigned for those responsible for the supervision of fine arts programs or teachers moving into such areas of responsibility. more >

  • The MS in Counseling program is designed to prepare professional counselors as human development teachers or facilitators whose primary function is to... more >

  • The MS Applied Comm provides a course of study examining the relationship between theory and effective communication practice. more >

  • The Master's Degree program in Computer Science provides the opportunity for the graduate students to obtain competitive skills and knowledge to succe... more >

  • The Master of Arts (MA) in English provides specialization in the study of the traditional and newer canons of literature, literary theories, and rese... more >

  • The MEd in Educational Leadership and Management Program prepares the student to meet the standards of Massachusetts Educator Initial Licensure as eit... more >

  • The Master of Business Administration degree is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to become leaders in business and... more >

  • The graduate program in Occupational Education is designed for students who have earned a Baccalaureate degree in Technology Education or Vocational E... more >

  • The Graduate program in Science Education offers two tracks for students who want to expand their study of Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Envi... more >

  • The M.Ed in Technology Education Program leads to Professional Licensure(P-9) (5-12) in the field of technology education. more >

  • MA in Biology is designed to prepare the student for a career in Biology, Environmental Science, or for advanced study in these fields. more >

  • This program offers educators and administrators the necessary skills to utilize computer technology in the practice of teaching and program administr... more >

  • The Office of Graduate and Continuing Education offers a generic Master of Education degree for teachers at the secondary level, which does not lead t... more >

  • The Graduate program in Criminal Justice is designed for the criminal justice practitioner, either presently employed or seeking employment in the fie... more >

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