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Ancient Greek and Roman Studies - Master

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Classical studies offers the opportunity to learn about all aspects of life in Greece and Rome. Aside from its aesthetic, spiritual, moral, and intellectual value, that study can have practical uses as well: for example, the study of Latin is a proven key to communication skills in English and in the Romance languages; moreover, both Latin and Greek have long been and continue to be sources of technical concepts and vocabulary in all fields of study, from cybernetics to political economy.

The Brandeis Department of Classical Studies offers a unique two-track M.A. Program in Ancient Greek and Roman Studies through the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS). An M.A. in Track 1 represents an interdisciplinary degree for practicing professionals that covers many aspects of classical civilization. This track is especially suited for students interested in elementary and secondary school education, but it also provides serious preparation for advanced graduate training in areas such as Classical Archaeology, Ancient History, or Anthropology. For those wishing to pursue a Ph.D. in Classics or Classical Studies at another institution, the M.A. in Track 2 offers rigorous preparation in ancient Greek and Latin languages and literatures.

The Department also offers a program leading to a Certificate in Ancient Greek and Roman Studies. Students are exposed to humanistic, artistic, religious, political, social, and scientific perspectives with a focus on the Greeks and Romans, but including a variety of other ancient cultures as possible electives. The Certificate Program provides students with the opportunity to explore our world through the lens of classical antiquity.


New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Commission on Institutions of Higher Education

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Classification: Doctoral/Research University—Extensive

Loans Offered: A variety of loan programs, including the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan and the TERI Continuing Education Loan, may be available to Graduate Professional Studies students who meet this criteria.

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